How can TNA get their name out there?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Apr 10, 2013.

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    A lot of us would agree that one thing TNA needs to expand is marketing, to get their name and brand out there to non-wrestling crowds. To start to break into the mainstream. In this thread I figured that we could discuss how they could do this.

    This an idea that came to me while watching TV today when a guy from another show on the same network showed up on the cooking show I was watching. TNA might not have the best marketing department in the world and they won't get one over night. But they are part of the Viacom family. Why not have some TNA guys show up on other shows on the Viacom network? WWE does this by having guys guest star on shows like Psych of Burned notice and TNA has done this twice as well, showing up on two episodes of an MTV show called MADE according to wikipedia. This must mean that Viacom is open to using TNA outside of wrestling to some degree.

    Why not have some TNA guys show up on shows on MTV or other Viacom channels (even on Spike were they are the most viewed show). Chris Sabin hosting the top 20 on MTV2/live for example. Hogan showing up in some make a wish style program. Hell, air boot camp on another Viacom channel so it brings eyes both to TNA and to Spike. It will probably not bring in the gigantic ratings for TNA but it would open up people's eyes for the product and help create an interest. It might not give an instant effect but I believe we could see it pay off long term.

    Do you have any ideas how TNA can help expand their audiences?
  2. Thought of the same thing, Stopspot. They own Comedy Central, Logo, BET, Spike, TV Land, Nick at Nite, Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Nicktoons., Nick Jr., MTV, VH1, MTV2, Tr3s, CMT, Palladia.

    (Funny how Cena gets so many Nickelodeon gigs... effing traitors)

    Many of these audiences simply won't have much interest in wrestling, but CMT has plenty of reality TV on there. I don't see why James Storm isn't all over that station, pulling some country music fans over to check out Impact. Sticking Joey Ryan, Magnus, or Velvet Sky on MTV seems like it could be great for business.
  3. Joey Ryan should have his own sleazy sitcom :gusta: anyway they got EY on a fishing show so why they aren't using their top stars I'll never know even if it's just the occasional taping. Have Aces & 8s "invade" a music channel whilst say Storm was doing a chart and they take over for a while.
  4. Can't agree more
  5. Have Joey Ryan release a sex tape with some C-list celebrity :obama:
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  6. Have Hulk Hogan re-do his sex tape, and Joey Ryan do his own.

  7. Fixed :gusta:
  8. Well Hogan isn't going to get behind a midget like Joey so I guess he's receiving.
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  9. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. His hips couldn't take the thrusting though.
  11. True, he also doesn't lay down for anyone.
  12. How the hell do you book this sex tape ?
  13. :russo:
  14. So the swerve is Hogan's a woman or are we putting Judy Bagwell on the pole again?
  15. [​IMG]

    "I calling you out Hulkster. I'm the mother of Buff, come check out my muff!"
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  16. Eric Bischoff's wife brother, he agrees to this as controversy creates cash.
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  17. :notsure: if :hogan: or actual wife's brother
  18. Brother


    It's E's wife, brother is just for the sake of brother
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