How can TNA improve?

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  1. Write one comment per post on how TNA can improve right now.

    For example: "It can improve with better marketing".
  2. Advertise your superstars like the WWE.
  3. Find a top babyface that both the Casual and Hardcore fans can get behind.
  4. Make your feuds better.
  5. Explain :emoji_wink:
  6. Utilize their talent better, and get rid of the guys they never use.
  7. @[Crayo] whenever I watch TNA's show their storylines usually aren't really that interesting besides the main event ones and usually it's just matches being thrown together with just in-ring wrestling storylines. But it's okay just improve it a little bit.
  8. When was the last time you watched it?
  9. I forgot but it was that one week with the Tables main event with Jeff Hardy attacking Bobby Roode but then Bully Ray joined in to save Roode but James Storm then came and saved Jeff but then Sting came out of no where with a bat.
  10. The question you should ask is "How can WWE improve?". :otunga:
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  11. Push Otunga, too easy.
  12. Personally, I think they are doing everything right as of now. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Fallen Angel, Frankie Kaz, Aries, and Gail Kim are on my TV set every week so I'm happy.
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  13. I think them still using Hogan/Bichoff is where they can improve to be honest.
  14. Get rid of the old hags.

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  15. Dropping the Garrett Bischoff angle is an easy way to improve.

    Hogan, Flair, Easy E and guys of that nature can still serve a purpose and help TNA, they just need to step out of the spotlight and be better utilized in helping make young talents seem legitimate and not 'hey look at me, I'm Hulk Hogan brother I'm the best'
  16. What would you do? I'd probably just let everyone on the roster who I was serious about go over Hogan, then let WannabeZackRyder go over him cleanly in seconds on Hogan's way out.

  17. Use Hogan to get young talent over that are actually worth putting over.
    JB and Bischoff were on commentary for Xplosion this week, they did a lot better than Taz/Tenay.
    Fire Robbie E's no-talent ass and put the mid-card belt on a mid-carder.
  18. Is it just me who likes Taz on commentary? I despise the other guy though.
  19. Tazz can be funny. Tenay is brutal because you can always tell he is reading a script.
  20. Fire both Tenay and Taz. They look and sound like on alcohol and crack every damn week. F'ing fags. #SeriousAsHeartAttack
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