How can WWE get back the adolescent age crowd 13-18

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Most people that watch now are either lil kids or 25 and over. how can wwe get back adolescents 13-18? this is also like how can wwe make it cool to watch it again? you know you're a cool show to watch when a lot of adolescents watch it.
  2. dude. Most of the people on this forum, (myself included) are in the 13-18 range. Except for old farts like Crayo, Testify, and Dolph's. :lol:

    It's not that they don't exist, it's just extremely unpopular to admit it at that age.
  3. Ahh, I see. But how can WWE make it popular to admit it at that age?
  4. Unfortunately the 90's are over. :sad:
  5. Wrestling is in essence a drama set in a sports setting. Most guys in that age bracket won't admit to watching soaps like One Tree Hill or 90210. Why would they admit to watching WWE then? Especially with as low quality programming as they are putting out.

    This does not mean go back to the 90's attitude era with chair shots and blading cause that does not equal quality. What they need to do is build up a compelling product to watch. A good mid card, a excellent main event card, great womens wrestling. Compelling stories and feuds and make the titles worth something.
  6. More attitude-style story-lines. More edgy characters. More men instead of entertainers who asslick crowds. A mainstream story-line, create an amazing worked shoot similar to Punk's.
  7. The Rock's feud with Cena did that too I'm sure.
  8. I'm 24 and a half, I don't feel ashamed to admit I watch wrestling. Sometimes, I even troll the internet looking to bait for arguments with non-wrestling fans who condescend towards wrestling (it's fake, lolz, why do u watc thAt craP) just so I can explain to them that it's no different than every other 'fake' programming on TV.

    If you want an end to the PG era, though, keep dreaming, because it won't happen for a long time. I'm not up on the whole technical side of these business things, but they have certain advertisers and such who want the PG era to remain, and WWE can only keep these people if they remain PG (their deal with the Mattel toy company, for example.) Just because they're not targeting the older age bracket does not mean they can't have adult storylines, though. They just can't take it too far with blood/cursing/sexually oriented material/etc.
  9. Well, I believe an edgier product attracts viewers from that age group, but that doesn't mean a better product, no. WWE programming is missing something that appeals to that age group currently, not that it's a bad thing, as there are viewers from that age group, just not that many.
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