How can you make Roman Reigns' face push work?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. How do you think Reigns' face push could possibly get over.

    I don't think for a moment that the majority of fans would celebrate him as a leading face, but let's say in a perfect world we have WWE fans that are actually willing to see the end of a story, the development of a champion and the outcome of a push.

    So, with that said. I think Reigns needs to first get a makeover. The fact that he's kept the Shield theme, attire and entrance (up until Mania) shows that WWE is trying to carve him out as the spiritual bearer of the Shield's name and accomplishments. Ditch the attire, and theme. Find him something unique. Second, I say let him go his own route in the ring. His matches in FCW were actually pretty good. He has some good moves and can really showcase his in-ring ability. Capturing the traditionalists, that appreciate good in-ring work above all else, should be a good way to capture a target audience. Also, from my experience they tend to be more open-minded. The next thing to do is give him a solid 10-15 minute match with someone that can carry him. Much like HHH vs. Foley; when someone is paired with another that can carry anyone, they improve dramatically and build credibility. I'm not sure exactly who but Cesaro comes to mind. And something that needs to be done, face or heel, is getting a manager. Someone new and not Heyman or some random women wrestler that has nothing going on. Have him back away from the microphone until he gains his confidence. I'm sure he is confident, but it doesn't seem that way.

    That's my plan.
  2. By not doing it. LOLOL :troll: :troll::troll::troll:

    Honestly, they are doing what they need to. Have the fans turn him heel. Once he is a solid heel he will gain fans. Keep like this for awhile, maybe one or two years then when he turns face again, people will actually support him.
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  3. Both good routes. Let him slowly (ok not too slowly) take on a more rough and brutal style. Just start taking everyone out. And a manager wouldn't hurt any either. Take over his mic for a bit.
    And instead of a 10-15 minute match, why not run through a few guys in shorter more lopsided matches. Almost like a fuck everybody I'mdoing me now type attitude. And work on making that spear a little more vicious looking. And the superman punch lol.
    Then in a couple ppvs. Give him a solid match where he comes out on top. Acting cocky and don't ever let him lose the rougher edge.

    Could work.
  4. This dude is correct.
  5. What Neptune said. Turn the guy heel. That'll get him over eventually.

    Remember, Vince: Reigns needs to be universally hated first, before he's universally loved.
  6. He's already been through that cycle as part of The Shield lol.
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  10. they came really close near the end of 2015 when he won the title in Philly and actually got a huge pop in the same city he got booed out of the building at the beginning of the year. But other than repeating Stone Cold angles, there's nothing left for them to do other than turn him heel until the audience finds him edgy enough to support.

    Bare in mind I really tried to come up with something that Reigns can do whilst staying a babyface but there's nothing left. Nothing worked/will work.
  11. The bottom line is, every great face eventually had a heel run, from Hogan to Austin, to the Rock and so on. You name it. All the all time greats went through that process and Roman Reigns should not and cannot be an exception to this "rule", if I may. That's just the way it is so WWE should quit being so stubborn and do what has to be done..
  12. I find it funny that WWE turned CM Punk heel when he was super hot and a top merch star, and won't turn Roman Reigns heel despite being booed out of every building.
  13. The only really way to have a chance of making him over is turning him heel and use that to develop his character. If fans cling onto him, great, turn him face when you get your use from him as a heel, if they don't, then he is doing his job.
  14. I was talking about a (heel) singles run, m8.
  15. Alright, I'll bite.

    He's already universally hated, though
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  16. Reigns has to ditch the vest and stop sleeping in corners, that's step one
  17. Turning him heel won't be enough to save him if he continues to go out there and cut the same shitty, monotonous promos like he's been doing for the past two years. A heel turn would be more beneficial for him at this point considering how much of a failure his run as a face has been, but it's naive to assume he's just gonna develop some interesting persona that will eventually make him beloved just on principle. His short-lived suit-and-tie character in NXT was pretty entertaining and demonstrated how perfect he would have been for the role of The Authority's chosen one, but I feel the ship has sailed on that one.
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