how cm punk won match at wwe breaking point 2009?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. how cm punk won match against undertaker by submission at wwe breaking point 2009?
    even undertaker did not do tap out so how cm punk won?
  2. Bro, there is something called Google.
    It was a screwjob btw.
  3. He used proper grammar and that made the ref think "Holy fuck! This guy's amazing" and then they rung the bell.
  4. 2 nasty responses :lol1:

    But yeah, it was a screwjob, like Bret Hart got screwed. I barely remember anything about that match for some reason :hmm:
  5. It was terrible.
  6. Was it? I can barely remember it.
  7. Yep it was Teddy Long featuring CM Fat shit and Undertakenretirement.
  8. I see. Makes sense :haha:
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