Night of Champions how cm punk won the match in night of champions 2012?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. how cm punk won the match in night of champions 2012 eventhough john cena pinned cm punk sucessfully?
  2. I pinned him also.
  3. both of their shoulders were down which means they both pinned eachother and that means the match ends in a no contest so the champion retains the title
  4. CM Punk didn't win, it's the same results as if they were both counted out. It was a draw, neither of them won nor loss, CM Punk retained by default since he was the champion.
  5. Kayfabe. It's alive and well!!!!

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  6. why match tends to no-contest?

    match can continue even after the wrong pinning according to my knowledge.
  7. In decision to the referees, the referee decided to end the match by making it a draw instead of restarting the match.
  8. Because the running time allowed for the PPV ended at the end of that match. Such a coincidence!
  9. There was actually like 10 minutes remaining, why I thought AJ would come out and restart the match... but that obviously didn't happen. Weird fucking ending, but eh, at least it wasn't predictable and Cena still doesn't have the title
  10. but in summerslam 2012 match between cm punk vs john cena vs big show is continued even after both cm punk and john cena make big show to tap?
  11. becauseWWElogic
  12. As I said, the referee didn't want to restart the match because he was tired, so he let the results be, went and smoked a joint, and had a happy night.
  13. Even so if the match had ended then and there, it would have been a draw and Punk would have retained.
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