How come I never saw this? *Miz vid*

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 6, 2012.

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  1. This is why Miz is epic. Another reason why he will get a massive push.
  2. The only push Miz needs is right out the door, what a fucking waste
  3. Explain to me how he's a waste.
  4. no use. Youre a Miz mark, it would be like trying to make a little kid hate John Cena
  5. Translation: "I have no reason, I'm just a hater who hates a heel."

    Seriously, post a reason. I'm a Miz mark but I can debate with reason.
  6. Re: RE: How come I never saw this? *Miz vid*

    Translation - I have no excuse I just whine like a little bitch about anything happening in the PG era.

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  7. You obviously must not know me very well, if anything i hate faces and hate everything PG? No at all i like Ziggler, Rhodes, and Barret. Any other unfactual arguments youd like make?


    Maybe my first statement was a little extreme. let me rephrase it. Miz as of right now is not main event material, he needs a less hokey, flamboyant gimmick. His in ring skills are decent but he needs a better finisher. His mic skills are probably some of the best RIGHT NOW.
  8. Re: RE: How come I never saw this? *Miz vid*

    Not unfactual I can quote you multiple time criticizing the PG product, look under my thread why don't the WWE go back to TV 14. You did nothing but criticize the PG banner and most things under it. The use of the term all was an exaggeration to cover the majority.

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  9. Can i not criticize something without hating it completely?
  10. I watched the first two minutes, a little two scripted and corny for my liking.
  11. More on-topic, you've basically called him the best mic worker with decent ring skills. I don't see how that isn't main-event worthy because I completely agree with those points. I think he needs less restriction on his gimmick, granted. But his content isn't lazy, it's meant to be repetitive to garner heat. If you see someone weekly calling him the most must see champion and the best bla bla bla, you want to boo him. I'm not sure what "less hokey" means, so I can't comment there. His finisher I agree is pretty sucky but it's over, he's used media perfectly and everyone knows what the SCF is now.

    Watch his altercations with The Rock, that's The Miz who is main-event material. Watch his promo with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Watch his segment with The Rock and Cena (upstaging both). That's my counter-argument FOR Miz, I've not really read and real criticism to respond to.
  12. Re: RE: How come I never saw this? *Miz vid*

    Maybe if you offered some positivity about the things you like, I'm sorry if I've misjudged you but from our interactions you reminded me a bit of a user we had called JeebaK. Which isnt the best thing as he was a real nuisance.

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  13. I saw his altercations with the Rock and i agree they were entertaining, definitely better than the Cena/ Rock altercations. I dont agree he upstaged Rock, but yes he need less restriction. He was talking about Maryse pie and thats something he wouldnt be able to do on TV. What i mean by less hokey is knock it off with the super gelled faux hawk, fake tan, awkward style of cutting promos, ring entrance, and i think he wears glitter.
  14. It was more about the way he's made himself portrayed. If I as watching that as a casual I'd think "Lol that Miz guy totally owned the Asian dude, who is he?". That's what WWE want.

    Edit: His fake tan and attire is all to do with the gimmick, it works perfectly in my opinion. I don't think his promo style is awkward, I personally think he's the best in WWE right now with Jericho at cutting promos, period. I do hate the thing he does in his ring entrance, definitely. Not something to chuck him out of WWE for though haha :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Overall I still see nothing really that should push him out of the ME.
  15. Idk it just doesnt look right to me. I guess im more of a fan of badass looking superstars, the pretty boy thing doesnt really appeal to me
  16. Re: RE: How come I never saw this? *Miz vid*

    He does have that preppy dickhead look which doesn't quite fit with being a world champ, I guess its a natural heel look. I can understand why you're not a fan of it however as I'm not the majority of the time.

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  17. If you were a casual you'd likely know who Rock is. Hence why WM 28 had great buys, lots of casuals and older fans who stopped watching bought it.

    But The Miz is good, he's also a smart worker. A lot of people backstage were bitching at how Rock stole the spotlight, but Miz did what would get him ahead and became part of it and confronted Rock.
  18. Dude that guy sounded nothing like how he was singing.


    She was paid to kiss him! Or else good voice bro if it was real.
  19. Since when is everybody talking about his massive push, and nothing happens. My head hurts from it, lol.
  20. This has nothing to do with The Rock bro lol.

    No room at the moment. How could Miz possibly fit in?
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