How come the Briscoes aren't able to jump to the big leagues?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by AnnaLove, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. I've been watching lots of matches involving the Briscoe brothers. They are very good tag team, had a lot of great matches in Japan, and in ROH. So my question, how come they aren't able to get to the major leagues?

    What do they lack to be a successful tag team?

  2. They said it best themselves. Whenever they tried to break into the mainstream they just weren't looking for guys like the Briscoes. Plus they are big fishes in a small pond now and make a decent living combining wrestling for ROH with their farm. They are financially secure.
  3. They aren't mainstream material.

    They could maybe pass in TNA, but in WWE... Nope.

  4. Wait, they run a farm? Really?
  5. They're from freakin south.:cornette:
  6. They have a chicken farm. I think they have one each but they might be running a family farm.
  7. Also like @Testify said. They aren't really mainstream material. They are tailormade for the independent scene with their grittiness. They might have made it in TNA if they were willing to really play ball, but with guys like Hogan there with some power that is unlikely since he is pretty old school in his view on a wrestler's looks.

    WWE in the future could be a possibility but that is a huge IF. Triple H has surprised me before with signings/pushes. Ambrose, Generico, PAC, Rollins and now apparently Callihan. All guys who was never really thought of as mainstream guys. Massive potential but some kind of aspect that kept them away.
  8. Delaware isn't the South :cornette:
  9. Fuck you :finger: 4/10
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