How could Daniel betray Bray?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. How could Daniel betray Bray? Bray accepted Daniel into the family and Daniel just turns on Bray 2 weeks after that is so wrong poor Bray
  2. Because it's kayfabe?
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  3. Bray and Daniel in the Wyatt family would of been an awesome team but no he fucks it up
  4. I think that WWE wanted this storyline to go a little bit further; however, they realized that DB is too popular to hold back. Thus, we seen him turn on Bray Wyatt quickly. The heel turn for DB didn't make sense in the first place. DB has been super popular the past 7 months or so: he's the most popular star I've seen in years. He's not only popular with the fans but his merchandise sells as well. WWE having DB turn heel was dumb in the first place and I think they realized their mistake with this decision.

    Bray will be fine without having DB on his side. He has a strong heel character and DB would just belittle Bray if they're on the same team. So keeping DB as a face is the better decision.
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  5. ^Smart new poster! :win: Go to the ramp and tell us a little about yourself. :emoji_slight_smile:

    There is a good point in here, boy the Wyatt Family looks like total crap after this. The spotlight was really on them with WWE's most over superstar in his family, and they just lost a bunch of matches clean and got turned on. What's next for them?
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  6. Yeah they lost all 3 matches on RAW with Bryan and have come outta this looking really weak. Seems like they did have a plan though but backed out of it due to fan reaction. Which as I state has had the side effect of making The Wyatts look as tough as 3MB.

    Positively though well played to The Uso's who rocked the spotlight and grabbed the opportunity to shine with both hands. They have to be seen as contenders for the Tag Titles now after Swaggers loss really hurt The Real Americans and PTP ain't been about much recently.
  7. Would mark out to see The Shield vs The Family... Not because the match will be interesting but because it can have some special stipulation or some other shit will make it awesome. Or just the typical "the loser must disband" but the no one loses and they feud for a month or so making it a bit entertaining... Would love to see a tornado tag team match tbh.
  8. I will do that sir and thank you.

    The Wyatt's do look like crap on this (which is WWE's fault), but in any case, they can recover from it. They can be the ultimate heels that take on DB, CM Punk, Batista, etc. and get a really good crowd reaction. I figured they would have DB turn on the Wyat''s in the Rumble match, seemingly when they're all getting along and Bray and DB won some matches together. That won't happen, obviously. So, what's next for the Wyatt's? A lot just depends on where WWE wants to take them. Most likely Bryan will face Bray at Mania. But, who knows as they might belittle this match to happen at Elimination Chamber. Then have DB force himself into the title picture?....triple threat match perhaps? Cena, Orton, and DB? Not sure.
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  9. Maybe that's why^ I dunno.
  10. I just think they realized the whole, DB has been in this business longer and what the hell could he have to learn from Bray that he didn't already know..
    Also DB's goal was to fight the suits, the agenda of the Wyatt's was not.
  11. glad wwe realize their mistake, Wyatts was look like dumbs with DB. so next week we will here more :yes::yes::yes: from fans !
  12. Agreed.
    That's a sweet signature btw :emoji_wink:
    Cesaro European Uppercutted the Hell out of Cena there.
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  13. yeah the american dragon is the "Best in The World" right now.:yes:
    and i found that signature on other wwe forum.
  14. Nice, someone made mine for me on a different wrestling forum to.. unfortunately there were way too many users there so it was hard to keep track of who was posting to who as threads would be like 10+ pages long within 24 hours lol which is why I started just using this forum only.
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  15. This story line isn't over yet, at least I don't believe so.
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  16. This whole thing totally ruins Bray's character
  17. I just pray that they don't try to bring in Brie Bella in some shape of form.
  18. Because creative realized it was a big mistake and decided to immediatly change it.
  19. i dont think this totally hurts Brays character though. The Feud will be rekindled again and with Bryan turning back into the biggest face on the roster. It just means all eyes will be on The Wyatt family again.
  20. That would be interesting if Bray stalked Brie while Daniel is out with this concussion but obviously WWE is PG now and none of that stuff can happen
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