How could WWE use Suplex City?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. I was thinking of ways WWE could use Suplex City (Bitch) They could make a PPV called Suplex City, Have storylines revolving around getting Inducted into Suplex City similar to the Hall of Pain storyline for Mark Henry Or even just have merchandise.

    What could WWE do with the prase Suplex City? And if they were to incorporate Suplex City into a storyline How would you Book it?
  2. They should found an amusement park called "Suplex City" where the Brock Lesnar mascots suplex children around for 20 bucks per suplex.
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  3. Put it in some shirts, sell them, and write it into Heyman promos.
  4. Best PS skills ever.
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  5. probably just a t shirt for Lesnar
  6. Suplex City PPV >>> Fastlane/Payback/Battleground

    But yeah, this Suplex City thing is prolly gonna be used just for merchandise.
  7. Hey, it would be a better PPV name than *shudder* Fast Lane!

    IMO, a t-shirt would be grand.
  8. Suplex City Pay-Per-View name sounds alright. Compared to the few current ones, I actually sounds better than a good amount of them.
  9. They should have made a shirt.....But they got beat to the punch by Suplex Wrestling.
  10. Lance Storm says that Edge's neck injury was primarily caused by Kurt Angle's mad german suplexes.
    This is the primary reason the move hasn't been utilized as much as it has in the past.
    John Cena's neck was re-aggravated by the move at Summerslam.
    My take is that since Lesnar is part-time it isn't high risk since the move isn't performed so frequently.

    German suplexes are particularly dangerous and shouldn't be heavily promoted. It's a classic dumb move by WWE.
    Of course money always trumps personal health in WWE.... at the end of the day.
  11. It'd be a great thing to put on a T-shirt. Maybe something like "Welcome To Suplex City" or whatever (perhaps with the added addition of "...Bitch" written on the back[​IMG] of it, although I doubt they'd go for that.) I'm pretty sure it's also what fans will start chanting at the top of their lungs from now on every time Brock goes suplex-crazy on someone during a match.

    'Suplex City' would make a terrible name for a PPV, though. Something about inserting[​IMG] the name of a wrestling move (and a very standard one at that) as the name of an entire PPV name sounds way too generic for my tastes. Not that PPV names like Fast Lane[​IMG] sound any better, but still.
  12. [​IMG]
    Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman! And I'm the one behind the 1 in 22-1. I serve as the advocate for my client, hailing from SUPLEX CITY, BRRRROOOCCCK LESSSNARRR!
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  13. Why would "bitch" go on the back? Then you are just walking around with bitch on your back lol
  14. To signify a pause in-between that and "Welcome to Suplex City" since people often put a pause before saying the word bitch as a way of putting more emphasis on it. It doesn't have to go on the back, but it doesn't hurt since you're at least writing something on the back of the shirt. Plus, when people walking behind you see the word "bitch" with three dots in front of it, they're gonna naturally assume it's an extension of a longer slogan on the front anyway.
  15. By not running it into the ground
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