How Crazy Would This Be?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Let's imagine Rock comes back and wins the WWE Title not at Wrestlemania but at the Royal Rumble, because he says he wants to walk into Wrestlemania as champion. So, he beats whoever and wins the belt and then the next night, he says he looks forward to whoever he is facing at Wrestlemania (let's imagine that the RR winner is already in a feud with the WHC so he doesn't want to fight The Rock) and then all of a sudden, Austin's music hits. He comes out and says he's in the mood (and has been for a long while) to wrestle one more match at WM and whip someone's ass. And similar to Rock, he doesn't mind winning the WWE Title one more time, and it just so happens Rock has the belt. So, he challenges Rock to one last match between them at WM29, exactly ten years after their previous encounter.

    I personally wouldn't want to do this, obviously, because similar to Rock/Brock, I hate doing a match for the WWE Title with two guys who are both gonna be gone right afterwards anyway. Not to mention wasting a final Austin match (or another rare Rock appearance) on someone who he's already faced. But still, I can't lie and say I wouldn't mark out if this did happen. And the reason I included the WWE Title into the scenario is because they've already had Rock announce he's coming back to win the Title, so ya have to fit it in there somewhere.
  2. Stone Cold is almost 50. He should be putting over young talent not winning any titles. :dawg:
  3. Agree, but who's worthy enough of being put over by Austin? (I would hate to have to see Cena beat Austin.)
  4. Cena doesn't need it, he should be putting youngers guys over. Austin could always put over Bryan or Punk. Feud with one of them. I know he was going to put him over at WM 28 but he didn't because he felt it would play 2nd to Rock/Cena.
  5. I like your story, but just like you said, it's not the right way to use them. I'd like to see Austin putting Punk over.
  6. Would love seeing Austin come back for a match, but he needs to put someone over instead.
  7. I want to see Austin vs Punk next year! Maybe have The Rock face someone else. I still would love to see Rock vs Shawn Michaels!
  8. Austin won't want to be sub-main event to Rock, so I doubt we'll see them on the same card tbh.
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