How credible is every sport?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Boxing, NFL, Soccer, NBA, UFC, NHL. How credible are these sports in terms of the fights/games being legit and not fixed, worked or paid for?
  2. A lot of European Football matches are fixed, especially in Italy.

    I believe most popular sports have some fraud in them. like boxing.
  3. Part of the European Champion is probably fixed too. Just see how the ref's are working.. :facepalm1:
  4. Only Italy deals with match fixing, no one else in European football.

    Cricket went through a ton of problems though.
  5. You forgot MLB. Go Brewers!

    MLB is alright, as soon as we get Selig out of commish and as long as we keep away from replays i'm a happy camper. Baseball is the sport that should keep the human element in..always.
  6. what about american sports
  7. Like Hand-egg?:dawg:
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  8. :dawg::lol1:
  9. Obviously any sports with judges will be the least credible. Olympic sports like gymnastics, figure skating, ect always will have controversy or possible fixing, as well as combat sports like boxing and MMA.

    Other sports can be fixed, but it's more difficult to do so. Of the American sports I would say the NBA is the least credible due to how subjective many fouls can be and how much refs can play a part of the game, as well as the Donaghyscandal obv. Baseball had the steroid era of course which hurt it's credibility.
  10. Nothing in the world makes me make a bitter face quite as well as when people say they MISS the steroid era. Dbags. I dont dig NBA because of the lack of quality calls when they are most important, but always have been a fan of the human error element in sports. Totally true on the judged events, nothing is chosen without a bias, just a simple fact people pretend isn't true.
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