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    How did Brock Lesnar get eliminated from the 2016 Royal Rumble?

    I am confused of how Brock Lesnar was eliminated from the 2016 Rumble as he was thrown out of the ring by the Rowan, Braun and Luke as they were all already eliminated from the Rumble. They can't throw anyone out after they are eliminated!

    Also there were other stars eliminated from the Rumble by the League of Nations who were not even part of the Rumble but interfered in the Rumble matches!
  2. It doesn't matter if you are already eliminated. You can be eliminated by someone whose not even in the match. As long as you go over the top rope you are out.
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  4. Thanks for clarifying that. I am 37 and I watched my first Royal Rumble pay per view and first wwe pay per view all together. I was not aware of the rules except for getting eliminated over the top rope!
  5. Well, that's a bullshit rule. Another elimination was stupid, too, but I forgot who it was.
    I knew the rules for Royal Rumble, I've been watching for years about how RR is "run." Problem is, 90% of the time, superstars are eliminated mostly by stars that aren't eliminated. There was a lot of bending rules in this particular Rumble.
  6. I agree I was frustrated with how Lesnar went out. I thought they could of just at least had Bray Wyatt eliminate him by himself while Lesnar back was turned or something
  7. I would have been just fine by that. Or at least have Brock go back in, and eliminate at least one of the Wyatts just to be fair. I basically said "Get your ass back in there and get your revenge!" Or something of those lines.
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  8. A lot of run ins and shitty eliminations this year.
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  9. The one and only rule for the royal rumble is that you are eliminated when you are thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor. This isn't the first rumble where a participant was eliminated by someone who had already been eliminated.

    Now there was one year, 1996, where Vader eliminated several guys after he had been thrown out already. Those guys were allowed to go back in though. This has generally been the exception and not the rule. No actual rules of the rumble were bent or broken in this match.

    The only rule that could be broken would be if someone was eliminated and allowed back in. That didn't happen.
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  10. Even this post above agrees with my post(s).
  11. WWE's ever revolving door of rules, is pretty insulting to a lot of fans.

    1994 - Dual elimination makes for dual winners.
    1995 - Being eliminated was only achievable by having both feet hit the floor.
    1996 - Eliminated competitors can't eliminate non-eliminated competitors.
    2005 - Dual elimination makes for restart
    2014 - Eliminated competitors can eliminate non-eliminated competitors.

    I understand WWE doesn't really cater to a "real-deal" audience. But at least having some rules to regulate the retardation would be nice.
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  12. I agree for the most part but the 1995 rumble wasn't the first one where the both feet touching the floor was mentioned... it was mentioned in the 1990 or 91 Rumble... I can't remember which, but it it was swiftly forgotten afterward until 1995

    I do remember 1995 though, talking with my friends when they put so much focus on the two foot rule... they pretty much gave away the ending to the match. But at least they have been consistent with the rule afterward.
  13. Yeah it should've been done in like a surprise way. Like he was blindsided. Not he gets beat down then thrown over like trash. Bs.
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  14. What?
    Brock looked nothing like trash. He looked like a beast that it took 5 300+ pound men to eliminate, by fighting dirty no less. You can't get more protected in a rumble than that.

    Had he been surprise eliminated he would have looked like a geek on the other hand
  15. The Rumble got lame once Brock was gone. To me, the Rumble match should build to the final 4-5 guys who all have a shot to win in the crowd's eyes. The crowd was bored by the end of the Rumble once Brock was gone, and they were only rooting against Reigns.

    HHH/Reigns/Brock/Styles in the finals would have been fire. Instead we get super anticlimactic Ambrose vs HHH lol. boring af
  16. No. Did Roman look like a geek? No. He got blindsided and messed up. Had Brock come in and thrown out like 10 people and then got blindsided by bray because he was distracted... Well, that would've been good.

    The wyatts beating him down and throw him over was worse.
  17. What? Sorry but what?
    Roman messed up yes, he's fallable. He can recover from it.
    Brock is the new phenom. He's an entity. Had he god blindsided he would look like a geek. Brock is the type of character that has to be eliminated the way he did. Had Bray blindsided him out of the ring there wouldn't be nearly as much heat on their mania match as there will be now. Now we're getting Brock hunting down the family and killing them.

    That's good fucking TV. Having Brock eliminated by pearl harboring and standing there looking like a goof is not
  18. How does someone having to sneak attack Brock to eliminate him make him look like a "geek?" Please define that shit, too, lol.

    He's been sneak attacked by Rollins, taker, etc., does this mean Brock looked like a geek? No. People have to take an opportunity of weakness and eliminate him when they can.

    Had Brock come in and kill everyone. Then get distracted by the wyatts on the outside and bray eliminates him, it would've made more sense. He looked weak and has taken worse beatings and still stood with no issues. He eats a boot from the wyatts and sister Abigail and gets thrown over. It's bs.

    Completely disagree. Brock is the kind of guy that doesn't legit just get beat down and thrown over the top rope... He should've been blindsided and beyond pissed.
  19. Different contexts. When he was attacked by Rollins, Taker etc. It was in feuds already underway. The things that happened in the rumble was meant to fully kickstart the feud that was teased on RAW. And I don't see RAW wanting to beat the shit out of Bray and hang his beard on his wall just because he was blindsided. But beat him down, brutalize him, that's where the money is at IMO.

    It made way more sense to have the Family attack Brock to eliminate him rather than distract him. Because now we can fill the road to mania with Brock hunting and killing the family members. Also it makes the Wyatts look more legit, which is needed for this feud. They don't look dangerous distracting and eliminating Brock. But they do look dangerous if they beat Brock down.

    That's how I see it.

    Not to mention it played into Bray's "we're going to slaughter them all" line with the attack
  20. It is just lame and uncreative to have to "protect" guys in the Rumble match with constant outside interference and 4 on 1 beatdowns. I guess it serves its purpose but that didn't make it any more entertaining to watch.

    Bottom line is Brock should have won this shit and Mania looks boring as fuck right now. Brock vs Wyatt is another Wyatt being booked vs part timer in a no win situation and HHH vs Reigns main eventing sounds about as exciting as something that doesn't sound very exciting. shit, I had something for that.
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