How Did Robbie E & Brooke Do This Week?

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  1. #TheWrestlers struggled this week on The Amazing Race -- did they make it through?! As always, we have an exclusive video with Brooke and a blog from Robbie E, breaking down this week's episode! Remember to catch #TheWrestlers every Friday at 8/7c on The Amazing Race. You can catch the entire TNA roster on IMPACT WRESTLING, when it debuts on Destination America in January 2015!

    That was way too close, bro!!! WAY TOO CLOSE! But, #TheWrestlers are still in it. There's nothing like hearing Phil say "this is a non-elimination round"... Still four teams left!

    The Wrestlers - We got this!! We're funny, good looking and have proved everybody wrong!

    Dentists - They are too confident. It's going to backfire. Plus, what is up with their teeth, bro???

    Scientists - Dorks aren't going to win this race. They just aren't.

    Surfers - They are too nice to win, bro. Nice doesn't get you anywhere. We're ruthless, bro!

    This week we had to deal with smelly fish, a smelly ox and really hot weather!!! But, hey, we are still here. See you next week from the Philippines again!! Two more weeks left and TEAM BRO is here to stay!!!



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