How did you get your username?

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  1. When you signed up/changed your name, why did you choose your username? Mine is Nickelodeon because my name is Nick. Get it? It's a pun.
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  2. wanted something cute that might offend people
    but the black and white matched my old username
  3. Old gamer handle from when I was a kid. Cannot remember the exact origins but I had the stop part already figured out and wanted to use the same letters again in some way I think.
  4. - Shadow: From Fable's temple of Shadows and from Shadow the hedgehog.

    - Shadoxicity: A mix of Shadow and an old signature from Ambrose called the Moxicitiy.
  5. Name of a album i like.
  6. Iwt character

    I love how everyone calls me gav when thats not even my name the
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  7. Roadster: The most generic user name any little kid would use
  8. Sharpy: Old gamer handle I used to use since like '98.. it was for a FPS so I was thinking like Sharpshooter what have you.

    Sandow: Because Damien Sandow is the greatest jobber to ever walk the ramps of the WWE, he is my Intellectual Savior.
  9. A play on the nickname the polish hammer...because I'm arab
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  10. Real name and _x3 because emoticon and the underscore needs to separate it. Also some other guy in Nippon also shares the name.
  11. My username here is self explanatory.

    My username everywhere else across the webs is Dolfaninfinite... Dolfan = Miami Dolphins Fan... Infinite = Unending/Forever... Miami Dolphins Fan Forever
  12. I used my real name.
  13. DK James. First and last name initials are DK. Middle name is James. Works flawlessly.
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  14. Shall I reveal the source? :hmm:
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  15. Easy...I'm Italian and a man..and 3100 for my birthday January 31, 2000
  16. Combined the letter of my first name with my last name and added my lucky number to the end of it. Pretty basic, if a bit uncreative.
  17. My full name is Daniel

    My favorite wrestler is Bryan Danielson. Easy.
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  18. Damn you don't have a middle or last name? awesome. Like a Brazilian soccer player, once fucking name will suffice

    Dolph'sZiggler. Idk. I'm obsessed with DZ's bulge and such.
  19. Used my own version of KLockard at first minus the number
    Tried to make a clever username of it with the similar Rainman
    Then it turned to winter and the rain turned to snow. And it may never warm up.
    Never liked being called Rain and there's not many puns you can make of it, now you can punch me in the balls and call it a snowball fight
  20. [​IMG]

    the badassery of this guy in mgs2 stuck with me.
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