How did you get your username?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by kanenite95, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Some are pretty obvious, like mine, but why did you choose your username?
  2. Guild name on LastChaos.
  3. Typo'd Crayon in habbo.
  4. Ziggler fanboy. Hilarious play on words.
  5. Farooq is like a childhood hero to me :damn:
  6. Why is that? I mean he wasn't really a huge star, what did he do that made you like him?
  7. Random letter generator... #Whowouldathunkit?

  8. Because he was the first African-American world champion. Not really anybody else in the WWF around the time I was watching made history that was a real milestone like that.
  9. wasn't that before you were born?
  10. When he won it yeah, but I was watching him during the Attitude era
  11. Magic Johnson. So far i win the contest for best reasoning on a user name/best name.
  12. No u don't. It's not that great. Even though south park sai that making fun of aids is funny now, u sir, have failed miserably

  13. I wish i was born a few years earlier than I was so i could have a better recollection of those years


    Dark please no
  14. Why? He thinks it's great, and I can't be the only one that thinks its the most offensive one here.


  15. You wanna ride with me because i'm the big cat. My name was aids before the southpark episode. Get you're shit together. This will inevitably be deleted. WHY?
  16. because i know what it will turn into
  17. I'm not allowed to find the name "aidsjohnson" offensive?

    What's next?
    Herpies Henry?
    HIV MVP?

    Dude. It's a disease that has killed countless people.

    NOT funny or clever

  18. it's going to start an argument thats why, please do not respond to him anymore
  19. I'm allowed to speak my opinion.
    I don't think he's a bad dude or anything, I just find his name offensive.

    I don't dislike him.

  20. I also wasn't a fan of his name when I first saw it.. but I'm fairly sure he is a fan of Magic and isn't trying to be offensive so I just roll with it.
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