Games how do i even madden

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  1. i got madden 25, how do i play this shit. it looks weird, all just lines and formations and shit. confusion.
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  2. you fuck it right in the pussy
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  3. but the disc tray hurts
  4. You go for hail mary's, even when on you're on 1st and goal
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  5. buy me an xbox 1 and madden 25 and i'll show you, i've played it at my friends house, i've beaten madden 25 veterans, i'll make it worth your while
  6. nah m8, how do i know u aint lying bruv. i aint buying you shit without proof bitch
  7. Jennings and Sharper, both former Packers. He went hard because Wisconsin demands that shit from their players.

    How do you Madden? Read the instruction manual and look up some player formations. To start use a team like Denver and run the ball for the first two downs, throw a short pass close to the first down marker on 3rd and hopefully you wont have to punt on 4th down. Run 4-3 for your defense and keep yourself on the fucking line for the first 10+ games you play.

    Welcome to real football, where players don't cry when they get tackled and hope for f(l)ags to be tossed.
  8. No instruction manual, Digital download.
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  9. The tutorials are good.

    Basically before you snap if you hold down LT ( i think its LT could be RT) you'll see routes that they players are going to run with a button that over each of the route runners.

    Then you hit A, the snap occurs and you wait however much long you need for the play as long as you don't get sacked and hit the button for the intended receiver, if he is free he'll most likely catch it, then you just run him down as much as possible, you can sprint using RB and there was a trucking button but I don't remember what it was.

    If you were just trolling in this thread, consider myself well trolled XD
  10. Owners manual?
  11. Nah no troll, got EA Access and was hyped to play Madden after I played Madden Arcade for like 3 years.

  12. You could always Google it.
  13. I'm sure you can find it on the old internet.
  14. Sell it back and kick soccer balls.
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