How do these shoes look...?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. I'm not sure, do these shoes look ok with that suit?

    I tried the black shoes and they didn't do anything to look suave.
    Opinions please?
  2. Brown sort of looks weird with the black suit, unless you were wearing a brown tie. Since you're wearing Pink I'd go with Black.
  3. That was just the tie with the suit.
    I'm wearing a skinny turquoise.
  4. They look fine to me but i dun think anything give a crap about your shoe colour ;o
  5. Brown and a black suite don't really mix well. Brown shoes are for grey suites or at least a pinstriped one. With a black suite black shoes goes best most of the time.
  6. wear red shoes
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  7. Black shoes. Def not brown.
  8. nice tie. :obama:

    shoes needs to be black.
  9. Updated the pic with the blue tie.
    The suit looks a lot darker on that pic than it is, it's more dark grey.

    Here's the actual suit with zoom on it, you can see it's more grey than black.

  10. It is still a black suit so I'd say black shoes still. They might not make you look suave by themselves but they make the entire picture much better. Brown shoes goes with light gray suits.
  11. Look on here and over hover the suit, it'll zoom in. It's more grey than black.

    Argh, stressed now.
    I thought they looked alright.

  12. Black shoes ftw.

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  13. I did check that before my previous post. That there is classified as a black suit.

    Is a grey suit. Which works well with brown shoes. Black goes with black. Either that or black shoes with some sort of white add on.


    But more importantly, for what kind of event are you using the suit? Graduation, funeral, wedding?

    That is a factor as well.
  14. Prom.
  15. Have you checked with those organizing the prom if converse are okay? I don't think you will be doing classical dances for that long and dress shoes can be quite the drag during more modern dancing. Converse of most colors go well with suits as well.
  16. This.
  17. They're not allowed. Has to be formal dress.
  18. Then go with black ones. My advice.
  19. Ok, thanks.
    I'll buy the black ones tomorrow.
  20. ima buy some executive suits and wear them around town
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