How do they split then?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Vince and HHH are supposed to be going head to head at Wrestlemania - or stars representing each of them will be - but at the moment they are in the same stable side by side. How do you think the tension between them will rebuild? Who will be the face coming out of it?

    Personally, I see HHH going power mad and pushing Vince out of the group per say. Vince then believes in Daniel Bryan - or aligns himself with him - and their relationship grows as Daniel eventually wins back the company.
  2. Honestly fuck a power struggle. I would love if it DIDN'T happen, and Vince just becomes the old man of the group and willingly puts HHH in control.

    But if it happens (and it probably will) I see the scenario you've posted as being the most likely. HHH absolutely needs to be the heel at the match at Mania.

    Heel HHH vs Bryan w/ Vince in his corner for the company at Mania. It would probably be the most over feud in years and years.
  3. The obvious path to take here is that Triple H becomes power hungry and still ends up wanting to pry the control of the company from Vince's hands and into his own. Stephanie ends up siding more and more with her husband since she realizes she'll be apart of the same future as far as the company goes as HHH will be. I just don't know what happens to start to drive that wedge in between them again. In the meanwhile, Vince comes to his senses and puts his ego aside and realizes Bryan IS the future and that he is worthy of being a top star (by defeating John Cena as well as Randy Orton again for the WWE Title and probably yet again after that in a subsequent rematch), so he ends up recruiting Bryan to challenge HHH for full control of the company at Wrestlemania XXX.

    My question is what becomes of Randy Orton. He won't be holding onto that belt too long, I assume, and what will Vince and the others think of him when he loses the belt to Bryan and fails to get it back? Maybe that could be the moment that a wedge already begins to be driven in between HHH and Vince. Vince is disappointed in Orton and HHH isn't. Maybe if The Shield becomes permanent hired muscles for Orton and they end up failing to keep the belt on him and/or losing their own championships, Vince overreacting and considering them failures could only crank up the tension between Vince and HHH further. It could all go down because Vince is starting to see this new Corporation really isn't working out and that maybe screwing over Bryan wasn't the way to go, but HHH remains set in his ways (an interesting dynamic, since it was the opposite before.)
  4. Unless Bryan doesn't get the belt till WM. winning everything there for himself and his stable.
  5. Vince is clearly taking a back seat in this stable...can't last... he's gonna go rogue and find another cat.....either Danielson or Reigns
  6. Well, Vince being forced to stick with DB vs HHH sounds pretty likely.
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