WrestleMania How do we fix the Bo Dallas problem?

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  1. So Bo has "been on" WWE TV since the rumble now yet seems to be the only guy from the NXT system failing to make an impact. How do we solve this while making the best out of his strengths? He is serviceable in ring, not horrible but not someone who's praises we should sing.

    Should we give him a pervert gimmick considering his smile?

    Post suggestions.
  2. Fire him.
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  3. Personally I haven't missed him at all. He doesn't have a noticeable gimmick to me and the rivalry they tried with Barrett fizzled out quickly. They better figure something out for him otherwise they might as well send him back to the indie scene.
  4. He never was on the indie scene. His father worked for the WWE in the 80's and 90's and still works for them in some capacity backstage. He has only wrestled in the WWE.
  5. Staple a prettier face on that ugly mug of his.
  6. I'd have Bray convert him and use him as his second in command, say the family is beating the shit out of someone Bray is quoting some freaking verses then Bo does his rape face where the screen fades to black.

    Show Spoiler
    I think I may have written rape porn there, not sure
  7. Bray and Bo's feud in NXT is based on Bray wanting him to "join the family". When he cost him the win in the main event in the latest episode he yelled "I DID THIS FOR YOU BO!" (He pulled Graves out of the ring, preventing Bo from pinning him and causing O'Brien to knock Bo out and pin him).
  8. Seems perfect IMO, Bray subdues him slowly over the next few months.
  9. Oh that's interesting to know. It makes me wonder if that's what's factoring in to him continuing to stick around despite the lack of interest he seems to be getting from the fans.

  10. His big brother is a much better wrestler and far more entertaining character. He was on the main roster in 2011 as Husky Harris but has since then been repackaged as the insane Bray Wyatt. Such an amazing character. Bo simply didn't get any talent when he was born.
  11. Holy crap this was so awesome :shock: Bo is pathetic in comparison.
  12. Search for Bray Wyatt on youtube and look at some of his work. Or just watch this weeks episode of NXT, he's all over the place with his "family". Just watch NXT anyways, it's the best show WWE is doing right now.
  13. Cliff--Dallas--Suicide
  14. We have a problem? He's not on TV and he failed to make any impact on the crowd let alone anyone on this board :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. He's fine where he is (Not being used).
  15. I definitely will! I'm intrigued after that video.
  16. Get rid of that damn theme song. I don't know what his gimmick is, but it irritates the hell out of me, damn backwood redneck gimmick. He's like a character from Red Dead Redemption...that I shot.
  17. You remember Angelina Love's zombie gimmick? Where she didn't talk or show any facial expressions? Yeah, steal that, minus the stripperness.

    It won't get over, but neither would anything else he does
  18. Or replace Dallas with Angelina Love! Problem solved!
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  19. Pervert gimmick works well. Have him re-debut in a segment where a few divas are talking backstage or something, then he shows up from behind some object with dat smile. Top heel in 6 months.
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