How do we get Taz off of commentary?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. And I am serious with this. The product does not benefit from having him as the color commentary. How do we get rid of him?

    Do we write a petition?

    They don't have to drag him out behind the IZ and beat him to death and bury him, just send him away to never come back.

    Do you see any logical or doable way of getting rid of Taz?
  2. Petition isn't a bad idea. Feel free to start one, TNA doesn't always ignore their fans like other companies do, and nobody can say that TNA commentary is okay at this point.

    For those who don't watch it, Xplosion has Keneley and Borash on commentary. They have chemistry, their commentary is serious, professional, entertaining, and adds to the match. Basically it's everything Tenay and Taz don't bring to the table. No reason why they shouldn't be on Impact.
  3. Where do I sign? I have no doubt you could get a few hundred signatures at least.
  4. Anyone want to chip in and help pay for a hitman?
  5. Does NP count? :otunga:
  6. If they listened to the fans, Tenay would have been fired years ago.
  7. Hopefully he and Tenay get a heart attack.
  8. A petition sounds likely.
  9. Yeah, but will get us 10k signatures?:downer:
  10. We could send him a lot of Sonic and Fried Chicken. It almost got rid of King, might do the same for Taz.
  11. Problem: We all know Taz and Tenay suck
    Solution: ????

    Who would you guys bring in to commentate?
  12. Roode and Aries, they're already doing everything else, might as well commentate as well. :jeritroll:

    Seriously though, it doesn't have to be someone who we know. Give a young broadcaster who's a wrestling fan a shot. Fuck, hire Ocal, he'd probably do a better job.
  13. Ocal does do wrestling commentary. He comments on a couple of DGUSA/Evolve/Full Impact Pro shows a year.
  14. wtf is an ocal
  15. Arda Ocal. Canadian sports journalist with a focus on pro wrestling. Runs a show on the Canadian sports network the Score with former WWE ref Jimmy Korderas.
  16. The only broadcaster I know who openly expresses his love for professional wrestling without being worried about the "stigma" that surrounds it.
  17. They should let Joseph Park do commentary. He wold be amazing as a play by play or color guy.
  18. Joseph park as play by play. Steiner as color.
  19. I'd honestly put Robbie E do the commentary, he'd be atrocious, bro.
  20. Keneley/JB can do commentary.
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