How do we know Punk will return in a few months?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PunkAJ4Life, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Is there a article or whatever?
  2. He is leaving for good.
  3. Moved to RAW since it is about a RAW star.

    Also yes. There are multiple reports about Punk going away for a few months. His contract is also multi year and lucrative. He's not going away.
  4. Hopefully he stays away until Summerslam, but that is a pipe dream.
  5. My bad.

    I'm just looking for a article on it or whatever.
  6. They have been circulating since January.
  8. Thanks, I just don't believe rumors until I read them for my self.:pity:
  10. I'd love to see him back at SummerSlam and face Cena for the title
  11. Punk/Cena, now that's fresh.
  12. He'll come back to huge ovations but most likely still playing a heel role for the time being. He and Brock Lesnar have to form a duo with each other at some point. They've kept them off-screen from each other (even with Heyman managing both) for this long for a reason, I assume. And then it quickly goes sour, and leads to an official Punk face turn and a Punk/Lesnar feud.
  13. lol no he isn't..
  14. He is going to NJPW.
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  15. To eat the rainmaker :yay:
  16. I think he returns as a tweener personally. He already gets tons or pops - he'll get much more when returning after a couple of months or more.
  17. source?
  18. He will come back as a face, leaving Orton to take over from Punk as a top heel.
  19. lol, want to bet?
  20. Some Straight Edge Sign maybe well appear on the sceen!?
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