How do WWE wrestlers remember their lines?

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  1. My guess is that they rehears backstage with some guy from wwe creative and memorize lines.
  2. Get a script, read it backstage and preform it.
  3. Those who can be trusted and have the necessary skills aren't given lines (unless they need to say a specific thing), they're given bullet points to hit on.

    Those who aren't trusted and don't have the necessary skills generally aren't given a microphone to speak with.
  4. If i was in the WWE i'd prefer to do what CM Punk does, talk from your heart and get bullet points to hit on, i wouldn't want to work with lines i just don't seem to like that.

    And now onto the next question how do they remember their match script?
  5. It is not hard to learn lines as an actor. And they only have to remember parts. Other parts can be made up.
  6. Do you honestly not know? They talk to each other during the match.
  7. Yeah this. Watch Jericho or Cena in a match those two call spots really loudly.
  8. Must be hard remembering a script completely like Ace seems to do for example. Think of the process in your brain.

    --> You think about what needs to be said
    --> You say the words exactly to the script
    --> Have to remember to act, and make it believable.

    Under that amount of pressure I'd expect more botches. Probably easier doing what Punk & Miz do, bullet points.
  9. Yeah i know about but i also heard Daniel Bryan and CM Punk being loud during their match..
  10. I can't say I've heard Bryan or Punk calling them tbh. It wouldn't surprise me however both are in ring generals.
  11. The same way actors do? :S
  12. I think a lot of them do it on the spot, the more blander ones are the ones who rehearse it, which is why it comes out forced.
  13. Mic skills isn't scripted is it? I know the lines are, but don't they add stuff to the lines if they forget stuff?
  14. Probably yes. Mic skills are mainly about projection (how you sound when speaking it), playing the crowd & thinking on the spot. Something Jericho, Miz & Punk lead the way at atm. Oh, and Cena ofc.
  15. With regards matches they do slow walkthroughs of the main spots that are going to be in the match!

    And as for lines it's not difficult to learn them used to act as a teen so speak from a bit of experience!
  16. Yeah I heard they sometimes visit the ring before the show to go through the major spots that are used. Must be a lot for those high-flyers, lol.
  17. @[Crayo] lol

    Yeah i read bout it somewhere a while back doesn't surprise me tho as the main spots can be dangerous! So them knowing exactly whats happening in certain situations will reduce risk of botches and injuries!