How Do You Become A Mod Here?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Lockard 23, May 21, 2013.

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  1. I'm not saying I want anyone replaced or anything, just interested what it takes to qualify becoming a moderator. I'm curious what it would look like to see my name in green and see what goes on in the Mod Room (and the great feeling that comes along with abusing your powers, of course.)
  2. You have to be sexy.
    You have to be a legend.
    You have to have swag.
    Gotta listen to J-Biebs.
    Gotta mark for Cena.
    Gotta slap bitches.
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  3. Can't get into arguments with anyone. Nice and active. Admin and Mod discuss.
  4. This ^
  5. Crayo mainly chooses by himself so I'm guessing no one really knows.
  6. Only Crayo knows. We're headhunted and scouted. It's like that one movie Predator.
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  7. Predator is awesome.
  8. >Nice
    >Don't fake how you act in hoping of getting mod
    >Don't have your username as Jonathan

    They're just a few, I'm sure Crayo has more he goes off though.
  9. Well I've been a Mod, but it does take a good reputation with the members of the forum, not only that the Admin must trust you to help the section you moderate.If I can give anyone advice, don't make it your life goal here to be a Moderator, just contribute to the best of your ability every day and you'll be fine.
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  10. Yeah I swear down I didn't fake it :silva:
  11. Yeah, we understand you're special needs anyway. Don't worry man, we're here for you.
  12. But I thought we were going to Hooters :sad: I dont wanna bring that asshole with us

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  14. Also, you gotta be good friends with Gohan. :tough:
  15. Basically if you can use a Gary Neville quote seamlessly in a thread it pretty much gets you in the door.

    (It also helps if you know who Gary Neville is), one can not work without the other.
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  17. Gravy boat? Neville Longbottom? Dildo Baggins? Am I doing this right?
  18. Suck a lot of dick,lick a lot of ass and all that jazz.
  19. Lol'd at some of the answers here.

    There isn't an application process for moderator. The only application you can submit is I suppose being the right member. By that I mean being active in the sections that count (wrestling), not getting into arguments with other users, learning not to hold grudges, not be the type of character that would fold with power, being well known and respected, and being loyal to the community/site. There are other requirements that just fit in with it, but more or less those are the forum requirements I look for in moderators. Also, there has to be a need for them. Right now there are quite a few users who would qualify for a trial run as moderator, but if there is not enough to moderate, then we can not hand the role out. I don't want any drama with my mods, and we never get any.
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