How do you expect WWE 14 to be?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. After playing 2K13 I've realized 2K makes great games. And am a little excited for WWE '14. Discuss.
  2. What people don't understand is 2k is only publishing this game and as i'm sure it'll be a better game since the funds will be higher, it doesn't mean the game'll change much.
  3. It depends on who we get in.
  4. Same old shit.
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  5. MLB 2k Is awesome though.
  6. Dwayne when do I get to curbstomp you in 2k13?
  7. :pity2: :pity1:

    lmao, no. It is unplayable IMO. The Show >>>>>>>>>.
  8. They said it's planning to be working with Rockstar games and EA sports. I dunno. I want it to be like GTA. :pity:
  9. It's probably gonna be worse than wwe 13. I mean 2k sports make baseball and basketball games, and they are good, but they have no experience in making anything similar to wwe games, so they're probably gonna screw shit up bad. Also, the coverart for the game will probably suck the sack, they'll probably put the rock raising his fucking eyebrow. seriously, it's pretty gay the way he does it .:finger:
  10. It will be > but nothing special.

    That name dude. Really.
  11. lolmodernWWEgames :pity1:
  12. When I'm better at the game and don't play like a busta. :pity1:
  13. Yukes are still developing it, so nothing much will seriously change. A few things perhaps, but nothing major.
  14. I still hope that do a WCW Attitude Era Storyline like THQ had plan still!? :sad:
  15. Hopefully a lot better lol


    Hopefully a lot better lol
  16. Hopefully a decent career mode instead of all the RTWM rubbish. I want a proper career with random storylines etc. PLEASE.
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