How do you feel about Garret Bischoff?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by KaiserGlider, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Personally I can't stand the guy. I do not think that there is a single redeeming thing about him. He's got no charisma, no mic skills, nothing. He's about as interesting to me as a piece of poo. The fact that he's getting such a gigantic megapush just because he's Bischoff's son is complete bullshit - when you have guys like Pope not on the show at all.

    I'm curious though, does anyone actually like Garret Bischoff?
  2. I don't. If you take away his last name he's not even in this business. It's a sad state of affairs that people like Steen, Generico and Davey Richards are working the indies whilst he's getting a mega push in the 2nd biggest company. Not even to mention talent TNA let go like Jay Lethal because they had nothing for him, but they can find something for Garrett to do? This is a problem with wrestling as a whole. Too many old boys are holding the top positions and pushing who they see as fit.
  3. Honestly, if I was a father who produced a wrestling show I'd use my power to give my son plenty of time and push on my TV show as well. That being said, we don't know yet if he can wrestle, I personally thought one of his promos was pretty good and he has potential in that department, but needs a lot of training, he can't act, he has no it-factor whatsoever, and any chance he has of getting over has been completely squashed by the incredible amount of over-exposure the story has got and Eric's narcissism.
  4. Not a fan at all. Seabs was spot on, it's pathetic.
  5. Eric B. Please come back to WWE and replaced John L. as Raw GM! Eric was must at it!
  6. Eric Bischoff is the biggest tool in wrestling history

    He books heels to be dominant his whole career and he gets a novel idea.... he books his freaking son as a draw???

    Those drunk Orlando fans may backward, but they aren't that stupid

    Bischoff go away and when you do tell Rosie O'Donnell I said f*** you
  7. They're giving him a megapush. Don't like him, don't think he's got much potential to be honest. He should just go back to referring. He's only getting pushed because he's the son of Eric, personally if I had a son, yes, I'd push him aswell. But, they're giving him some push like he's going to be a major face for the company. Personally, I don't think he's going to go anywhere with this.
  8. His current super push is one big joke. Why can't they go steady? Plus, the Wembley tapings clearly showed that nobody likes him.
  9. Nepotism may work in the NFL or other real sports

    In wrestling, when daddy runs the company, people will hate you if you don't get your knocks

    Eric is doing this kid a disservice. This can end ugly

    Vince J would never do this to Vince K.... and Vince K would never do this to Shane... this is gonna end badly
  10. That's the one thing we have to look forward to. This entire thing crashing and burning
  11. My dream scenario is that TNA get cocky and book it as the ME. The crowd was hot all night, Hogan comes out, no response. Eric comes out, no response. Segment happens, no response, some audience members leave.
  12. ... can't be worse than Victory Road 2011, though
  13. It won't be the ME, but it'll probably be the match before it.

    Wish there was a way to see how many people aren't going to buy the PPV due to this match. The PPV card looks amazing! It could be the best PPV of the year... but it sure doesn't feel like after this garbage was added at the last minute.
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