How do you feel about Orton going back to his sadistic gimmick?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. I'm half and half. I like it because it's one of my all time favourite heel gimmicks. It has produced some awesome moments that I thoroughly enjoyed (his feud with the McMahon's being the main one). However, they say it's never good to go BACK to a gimmick that worked. It would be the same as Cena going back to his thuganomics gimmick for example.

    How do you feel about it? In his current role, where the spotlight is more on those who are supporting him, I'm glad he has something that makes him stand out again. His mic skills aren't needed for this gimmick, but I think he uses his limited mic skills much better with this sort of character. I think Orton has some of the best facial expressions in the WWE when he's this character as well.

    Good video that demonstrates his expressions.

    Anyway, yeah, how do you feel?
  2. Basic Economics (no Cena pun intended) at play here... he has a 10 year deal so they better drain the horse for all its worth... its all he's capable of anyhow

    Orton is a lazy tool... Steve f'ing Austin tells him to work on his promos and he could be the real deal...what does Orton do?... My name is Randy Orton....ffffff*** you bro

    Main event level talent with Mid card level output.... He maxed out at age 29... he isn't Taker, who will evolve... he isn't Jericho, who keeps you wondering... he isn't HBK, a MOY machine

    I applaude the 'E' for trying... giving this retard chance after chance... push after push... he deserves to be in the indy circuit where he'd be forced to develop a personality
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  3. Honestly, it will never feel right with the punt kick being banned. :/
  4. I think it should have taken at least a week or 2 shows minumum (3rd being the change) to go back. Him having to explain his reasonings on the miz alone proves that issue for me. I want him to be sadistic, that deal with the miz didnt need an explanation.

    He gets to be heel and it works better if he does it alone, it's a shame anyone who goes vs HHH is going to be made a Face..i'm looking forward to the Heels turning on him and not helping the face crew, though it will probably only be the Shield who get that.
  5. This is the gimmick he should of had all along, instead of this corny babyface. I've waited 4 year's for him to go back to his sadistic gimmick, it's about damn time.
  6. I think it's pretty good personally. I was a big fan of the gimmick, they had an explanation and I think it won't be a permanent thing, so why not?
  7. Gotta see how it works out. I loved the gimmick, but they can fuck it all up in a second.
  8. Baw god king he's broken Orton in half!
  9. I'm a huge fan of the early days of "The Viper" gimmick. It made Orton the top heel. I'd love to see him bring that sadistic side back, even though some facial expressions of his left me, um.....:goatface:
  10. I loved the sadistic gimmick but I think it would have fit this angle more to go back to being more of the arrogant pretty boy of his Legend Killer days. Grow your hair back and get rid of the beard and look like you're 25 again. (He already did this when he returned around this time last year, but he immediately shaved his hair and grew his beard back to look more like the Viper again.) It would have made sense too in light of Vince/Steph/HHH saying that they prefer him as face of the company over Bryan, being that one of the main differentiations between Bryan and Orton is that the former is the "ugly" one with a beard that earns him the nickname Goat Face and the latter is the pretty one that the Corporate head honchos would prefer to see on posters/advertisements/video game covers/production trucks/cereal boxes/etc. (I realize he's still "pretty" either way, just saying.)

    But I welcome him going back to being a heartless and cold bastard if that's where they want to take it. I found that version of Orton thoroughly entertaining as well. Still makes me wonder if it makes more sense than the above paragraph, as while HHH/Steph can say that this is what they want out of Orton because it exhibits that "ruthless aggression" they want out of a superstar, at the same time, if he goes too loco like he did at times in 2009, one can wonder why they would want someone so unstable as the poster boy of their company.
  11. Yes. I was waiting for that gimmick to return for years now, glad to see it back.
  12. Well he has to get heat somehow I guess. But like many here I am torn on it. Like Kevin said, he should have gone more pretty boy to fit the corporate face thing but whatever.
  13. I'm with Kevin on this one,it would've made more sense for Orton to be a pretty boy than to be an unstable corporate member,but, as long as he isn't the same boring person as he was he'll be fine.

    Hopefully this will give Orton more character depth and make him a tad interesting again as I disdained his monotonous tone,the way he'd never raise his voice or lower it and the way he always opened his promos with " name is.....Randy Orton" was horrid.
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    Plus he's gotten noticeably... I dunno... fatter. I never thought I'd refer to a cat with a si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack as fat... but Randy Orton is fat.

    The beard is trashy and makes him look like a dou***.... All the cabbage WWE pays him and he can't pay a chick to trim him up.... even CM Punk thinks Randy Orton looks like a bum

    Trips and Steph want the Viper? Yet, the best money makers in the companies history were charismatic workhorses who knew how to use a f***ing razor
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  15. I think it could be good, and I'm glad they're doing SOMETHING with his character. He was absolutely fucking boring and lifeless.
  16. It's about time he got back to his sadistic gimmick, and i hope it's permanent, finally a
  17. I have a feeling Daniel Bryan will compete against Randy Orton in a beard vs beard match. Randy Orton will get defeated thus having to remove his beard, it'll make sense and there will be a more prominent reason as to why the beard has been removed, instead of just him coming out one night without a beard.

    It'll also make for good TV which is good for business. :pity2:

  18. Can't think of what I want to say, so I'll let Sandow say it for me.
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