How do you feel about Randy Orton winning MITB?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Varus, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. Me and my Dad were talking and he said something interesting "I'm really glad WWE are finally giving Orton the chance that he deserves for carrying the company on his back". he didn't exactly say it like that but it was pretty damn close,and honestly, I can't argue with him on that. Not only has Orton not been champion for over 2 years, but he has been constantly putting over people and pretty much is the reason Bryan is getting his title shot at SS. My Dad is right though, he carried the company on his back for a while and was the most entertaining thing going on at one point. Now I know you guys are upset that Bryan didn't win but I must say I'm kinda glad he didn't. I think it's awesome that he EARNED his shot at Cena instead of just randomly cashing a contract in. Whether you guys like it or not Orton was built up to be the future and that's exactly what he is now. So discuss your feelings on this recent event.
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  2. Well, its not bad, even though I wanted DB to win, but later I realized that he doesnt need a MITB case to become WWE champ. The good thing about this is the possible heel turn of Randy. And yeah, he hasnt been champ for over 2 years so imo he earns it.
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  3. I don't mind the Randy Orton we've been seeing at all. Hell even last year (I think it was, might have been the year before) when he had this "I don't give a fuck" attitude (flipping off the crowd, cursing the camera man, just being douchey) I thought he was pretty cool. So yeah, I don't mind this, I didn't mark when he won, but I also didn't rage. I'll see how this plays out.
  4. I didn't really mind him winning,it's better than RVD winning I suppose.

  5. YOURE BACK :yay: :fap:

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  6. I love you too.

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  7. I love you too.

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  8. Marked out for the fact that he's making sense in the WWE again, not just being washed up to different storylines. I hope he cashes on Cena, because I really dig Cena vs. Orton.
  9. Wasnt overly happy as not a huge Orton fan. But as i mention in the Randy Orton thread i made yesterday, its not the worst as last few months he has looked like he cares again. In ring he has improved he is getting crowds pumped he just looks like he's enjoying wrestling again so fair enough give him another run why not.
  10. I marked for it... Holy crap, Randy's turning heel! For sure this time! It's happening folks!

    (Hey, if we keep saying it eventually we'll get it right)

    Seriously it's fine if they throw him back in the title picture. He's really irritated me because of the superbooking, and the feud with Christian, and just being overexposed... but I'm a closet Orton fan anyway (no Hannah that's not why), so I'm fine with him entering the title picture.

    Plus they're completely out of main event heels, and Orton's their best option. He's wayyyyyyy down the face pecking order right now, turn him and he's right next to Ratings.
  11. Was fine with it. At the time I was pissed as I saw the briefcase as Bryan's chance to get into the main event, I didn't expect them to have this much faith in him. Orton winning is great though; I'm an Orton fan and the guy has been a consistently good worker for a couple of years now. I'm HOPING we don't get some scenario where Bryan wins the title, and Orton cashes in on him immediately. That'd suck hard. Sure, it might turn Orton heel, but I want a DB reign.
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  12. He was injured at the SD tapings, Scarlette read somewhere that he'll be out for 2-3 months. (Source plz)

    Should keep that whole scenario from happening.

  13. Huh. Figures.


  14. Already posted this on the SD Thread, right?


  15. That was reported on which means he most likely is not injured and will be off TV for a while to sell the injury but will return within those 2-3 months to cash in the MITB as a "surprise". My guess is he'll return and cash in at SS...Bryan might only have an 18 second title reign.:upset:
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  16. Cervical neuropraxia heals up at 2-3 months. Same with the strain. I messaged this to you hahaha.

    Also, I don't think it's kayfab, Shadoxicity. It'll be too predictable if he pops up after Bryan's win at SS. Smarks will catch wind on that. Giving Creative faith that they'll do better than that.
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  17. Creativity and the WWE don't really see eye to eye.
  18. Orton has been good since his run on Sd where he opened every show with monotone promos.

    my name........


    is.. randy orton
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