How do you feel about Ryder's Systematic burial?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. HOWWWWWWWWWWW? I feel sorry for the guy. Worked so hard and had potential, but it was wasted. :george:

    What's up with the caps in the title?
    Zack pretty much got buried for putting himself over without WWE's consent so...
    Yeah, it's pretty lame

    Why this car is AUTOMATIC, it's SYSTEMATIC, it's HYDROMATIC...

    But yeah, never been particularly fussed for Ryder, but it's a shame the way WWE buried him after the effort he put into getting over. Let's be honest though, it was over as soon he dropped the US title then got put into that god awful story with Cena/Kane/Eve.
  4. This
  5. Was never a big Ryder fan, but one way or the other, his burial was ridiculous. The guy was over, despite getting himself over instead of WWE doing so, who was probably just going to fire him anyway, he's good in the ring, had the US title and I thought, nice, this makes sense, the guy is over so they give him a midcard belt. Oh, was I wrong. It's simply ridiculous that they'd put a guy who was so over as the 3rd, 4th wheel, in a crappy soap-opera filler storyline for Cena to work with a safe guy so he wouldn't get hurt vs Rock (it was so funny, instead of the Chokeslam they'd just make Kane "smother" Cena lol so obvious they were protecting him), and was buried by Kane and stuff. Even if I'm not his biggest fan, I must say what they did to him was wrong.
  6. I watched ZTLIS and I'm a fan of the show although I know it's had it's off days. I'm also a fan of Ryder knowing that he is an average wrestler with not much charisma at all. I like Ryder because he actually did something about it. I think WWE didn't continue the Ryder thing because he's not ready for it as far as skills, which is kind of confusing because they let plenty of people who are worse than Ryder hold a longer mid card title reign. Now with Ryder's show has ended on don't think he'll be around much longer, but he does sell merchandise, so I could be wrong. Ryder would probably end up being stuck in the same spot as Santino, which isn't a burial exactly. I think WWE wants Ryder, they just don't want him on top.
  7. Sad...

    Dude has been busting his ass off for years now, and still gets buried to the core. Last match with Show was pathetic..
    Just give the man a decent match even though he will job to his opponent..
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