Summerslam how do you feel about summerslam?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by wrestlingphenom, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. I don't know. Because to me, the only two things worth watching at summerslam is Daniel Bryan vs John Cena for the WWE championship. The rest of the card, well most of it, is just going to be horribly booked, might be just speculating about the rest of the card.

    Daniel Bryan vs John Cena - this match is going to be great, at least I expect it to, regardless of who wins. I must praise WWE for this, this match seems unpredictable, as much as I want John Cena to lose the belt, It will not be hard to see why WWE will want to keep WWE championship on Cena, a little longer. But surprisingly I won't be too mad if they do, Even though I am not a John Cena mark but even if they just give a good match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan, then might just to be fine, heck it could make his push to WWE championship, even more stronger, later on. Daniel Bryan does seem to be getting a little more reaction from the fans, but WWE might be hesitant to take belt off him to soon. Also WWE may want John Cena to look little stronger, before a possible match with Undertaker at WrestleMania, which seems understandable as well as the fact that they still may feel that Daniel Bryan is not ready to be WWE champion yet but if Daniel Bryan puts on a good match and still loses, then that definitely could convince WWE that Daniel Bryan is there(ready for WWE championship).

    CM punk vs Brock Lesnar - This is definitely something to look forward to, but WWE should do more with the CM Punk and Brock lesnar feud. It easy have CM punk flip out, my idea is, CM punk gets interviewed on Smackdown but Brock Lesnar attacks him, on raw, next week, CM Punk is backstage waiting the arrival of paul heyman and Brock lesnar. Brock Lesnar and Paul heyman arrive, suddenely CM Punk ambushes Brock Lesnar, slams into the limo, beats the living crap outta him, Lesnar tackles him, punches him a few times until officials arrive to separate the two. or how about CM punk kidnaps paul heyman or something. I have the feeling that this feud is not live to its expectation, this feud should be crazy.
  2. Regardless of the rest of the card, the double main event is enough for me to buy (not steal/stream) the show.

    I'm also skeptical that Bryan is winning the belt. This could end up being WWE's way of giving Cena a 5 star match on his reign and a way to showcase Bryan in a big match without switching the title to him yet. However, I think they should strike while the iron is hot and put the title on Bryan and see what happens. I don't want to see them make this mistake again, where they have the perfect chance to capitalize on someone's momentum but they don't take advantage of the opportunity. I'm thinking of RVD and the way he was getting stronger reactions than anyone (except for The Rock) in 2001/2002, despite coming in as a heel... And I'm thinking of Chris Jericho on Raw in April of 2000, when he got that mega reaction for defeating Triple H for the belt, but then they switched it back and sent Y2J back into the under card to feud over the Intercontinental Title. Don't make the same mistake with Bryan, please.

    As for Punk/Brock, I like the idea of Punk ambushing Lesnar and Heyman with a steel chair or something when they're arriving and I wouldn't mind it ending with Lesnar down, just to send Lesnar over the edge later that someone like Punk was able to get the drop on him and put him out like that. I also like the idea of Punk knowing that Lesnar isn't there one night and he gets Heyman in the ring and finally get to knock and beat the hell out of him, knowing Brock is sitting at home and that wherever he was watching from, he was powerless to do anything to help and goes bat shit crazy over it. If they ended it with Punk saying to the camera (knowing Brock was watching) that this is just a sample of what Lesnar himself will experience at Summerslam, it would be a great segment for the go home show heading into the PPV. I see Lesnar going over at Summerslam and the feud extending past then.
  3. I'm so optimistic about the PPV, WWE has been so great since after WM (except for the lame Cena vs Ryback feud)..
    Both main event matches are unpredictable and are built great so far, although Bryan and Lesnar are the favorites but we can't exclude any possibilities..
    I can also see a cash in by Randy Orton, which will lead to his long awaited heel turn and a feud between him and Bryan in the course of the next 3 months.
  4. I am a fan of how this PPV is building so far, excited to see what happens next week with Ryback Cena and Kane DB. I'll be down for the DZ vs Big E match and ADR vs god knows who (rvd?) and Axel will be around to some extent. Hell, im not against this Shield vs Henry/uso's deal, although i dont think it will be great.
  5. I'm still optimistic towards it. The double ME is awesome, Cena/Bryan is a match us Bryan fans have been waiting for so long to see, it's going to have amazing match quality for sure, and Bryan may win the belt (I still think he wins via reversing a Sunset Flip and Orton cashes in afterwards). Punk/Lesnar has been a great feud so far. The undercard does make me worry a bit at this point though. It seems like they're going with Henry/Usos vs Shield, hm... not sure where I stand on that. Then there's the fact that RVD may challenge ADR (haven't seen any spoilers so I really don't know if it's happening or not), not keen on that. Also Big Show may be put in there from the looks of it. There's Wyatts and Kane stuff going on. Sheamus is running around doing nothing as usual, we know he's going to be put on the card one way or another. Axel still has the IC. Ryback is going to be on the card from the way they're doing it, it's still early to talk about the undercard imo, but so far the MEs we have confirmed already guarantee it'll be a decent PPV at least.
  6. Its looking like it will be the best Summer Slam we've had in a few years. Reason : Punk vs Brock & Daniel Bryan vs who cares he is on FIRE! :angry: :woo1:
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