Puro How do you fix the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title problem?

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  1. Even though I love Devitt and think it's cool he's getting such a push, I don't like the fact that he's getting pushed in the heavyweight scene when he still is the Jr. Heavyweight champion. The reason why is that it isn't getting defended whatsoever and isn't going to be defended for at least another month. They could have solved this by making another junior go over in the BOSJ tournament, but they didn't, and now the belt is just there around Devitt's waist. Sure, Devitt being the Jr. Heavyweight Champion while competing for the Heavyweight Championship makes him look more credible... that's another problem though. It takes up a lot of room for the junior card as, again, the title won't be defended and that leaves the juniors just hanging around.

    Onto the question though... How would you fix it?

    It's obvious that Devitt is getting a huge push, and for such a huge push he has to look at least a bit credible. Also, if he's being pushed this big this fast, he's probably going to stay in the main event scene for a good while, so I don't think having him lose his shot at the IWGP Heavyweight title and return to the jr. division is too good of an option. I'm thinking he has to lose it somehow before his hvt. title match. Being screwed over as a heel? Nah.

    For me, it's a tough puzzle to solve if I'm going to be nit-picky. Maybe we just have to wait until the Jr. Heavyweight Championship becomes relevant again.

    Unless... you have a better suggestion. This is where you come in, haha. Again, how would you fix it if you feel it needs to be 'fixed' at all.
  2. Nothing?

    All right. Here are some hints to possible solutions. Give me some pros and/or cons, or as the thread suggest, give your own solutions:
    • Having Devitt defend both of his titles at Kizuna and lose but come this close to win the world title, giving Okada one of the hardest fights of his career.
    • Having Devitt defend both of his titles at Kizuna, lose the jr. heavyweight title but win the world title.
    • Having Devitt lose his Jr. Heavyweight Championship after winning the Heavyweight Championship at the same night.
    These are not my preferred solutions. Just examples.
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