How do you know when someone is new to WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Just post examples:

    - When there favorite wrestler is Cena
    - When there favorite feud was orton vs. The miz
    - if they don't know what the attitude era was
    - they don't know who Johnny nitro is but knows John Morrison
    - they know the rock as Dwayne Johnson

    Post more
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  2. Even my mother knows what the Attitude Era was...

    -Sheamus is the best wrestler ever
    -Daniel Byran sucks
  3. -They say things like "I hope Raw is good tonight!"
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  4. I nearly just pissed myself I'm laughing so hard :yes:
  5. If they think John Cena is the best wrestler in the world
  6. If they think CM Punk is the best wrestler in the world.
  7. They say... Who the fUnk is the gobblygooker!!

  8. When Road Dogg or Grand Master Sexy come out and they don't get excited
  9. Usually, when someone trashes the AE and especially puts over people like Cena or Orton or whoever as being 'better' than Austin or Rock, then it's an indication (at least 90% of the time) that they grew up with the current era and not the AE. Or they just have incredibly bad taste.
  10. Or they're drunk
  11. When the like the faces better! :emoji_grinning:

    Haha, maybe I was a rare breed, because I liked heel Orton the most.

    (YEP. PG era kid.)
  12. "I like Big Show"
    "I like Sheamus"
  13. So all the angry people? :facepalm1:
  14. Regal should still be IC champion :troll:

    It's easy to tell because they only like title holders, and feel the super-human abilities are really something that happens after you get kicked in the face/knocked out.
  15. :downer:
  16. "No Santino doesn't look like a pedophile at all."
  17. the winner, ladies and gentlemen
  18. "Teddy Long is an AWESOME GM!!"
  19. "That guy who says Damn probally could never fight"
  20. "What happened to Vicki's husband?"
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