How do you think AJ's role will play out in MITB?

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  1. OK, I've already expressed my thoughts on the AJ/Bryan/Punk storyline, so I'm not getting into that here. However, ultimately it does boil down to AJ's part in the whole thing adding an element of unpredictability. With her being the guest referee at MITB, she'll be instrumental in the entire match. With that being said, regardless of who you think may win -- or if you think it's still entirely up in the air and too hard to call -- how do you think AJ's role will play out, or who do you think she'll help win the match? Or do you think she'll be neutral and it'll be a fair match?

    When it comes to her role, after recent weeks I could see it going either way. I could see her being a woman scorned and helping Bryan to get back at Punk after he rejected her. However, I could also see her helping Punk since she has now acknowledged that Bryan never cared about her and supposedly recognizes that his recent romantic overtures have been because he's trying to get on her good side with the upcoming match.

    Of course, you could also look at it from the standpoint that she has, overall, been fair over the past couple of weeks. When she kissed one, she kissed the other. When she slapped one, she slapped the other. So what if she'll actually be fair and call it down the middle?

    What are your thoughts on how the match may play out with AJ's involvement?
  2. I think one of them will turn on AJ and attack her. it about time we see some woman abuse in wwe! :yay:
  3. AJ will look like she's helping Punk throughout the entire match, until she screws Punk out of the title by helping Bryan in the last move (fast count, not acknowledging Bryan tapped/was pinned and afterwards Bryan makes Punk tap/pins him, I don't know) and DB wins the championship. Swerve! :russo:
  4. DB wins, after AJ wants to get the belt off Punk as it's stopping him focusing on her. She'll say Punk tapped when he didn't, rematch on Raw AJ costs Punk again via DQ.
  5. This would be best
  6. Punk involved with AJ while Bryan's a free champ? Awesome.
  7. Bry wins cena wins mitb cashes in on bry and wins and aj is like :dafuq: when bry leaves her she tries to go back to punk he dosent take her
  8. Punk will win anyway.. Hope DB wins, but it ain't happening..
  9. I think she is gonna propose to Kane. :haha:
  10. No it's Cole that her heart lies with, you heard it here first :emoji_grin:.
  11. lmao.... I think I love you. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Her heart lies with everyone. Maybe she'll do a random, out of the blue proposal to Justin Roberts or Scott Armstrong. :otunga:

    Anyway, I'm enjoying reading everyone's thoughts. As much as I dislike the angle, I am curious to see how it all comes out in the end.
  12. No no no, you've got it all wrong, at MITB AJ will cost Punk the title, leading everyone to believe she's screwed him all this time, then Bryan will get down and propose again, only for AJ to just stand and smile, then you will hear 'you need a real man', then she will turn to Cole and smile while she curls her hair, then turn back to Bryan and say sorry, my heart lies with the King. Then we see a scuffle between Cole & King before WWE announces a rematch Hell In A Cell match with TLC's inside the cell at Raw 1000 :emoji_grin:.

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    I have no idea where my imagination comes from :haha:
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  13. Tbh, she'll cost Bryan kicking him out of the title picture, Punk will then feud with Rock and turn heel in the process. #RandomPrediction

    What I want to happen is Bryan winning because of AJ, then dumping AJ immediately. A warm feeling of optimism sort of lies around AJ's role though. It's an easy way to let Punk lose and have him still look strong at the same time, so you never know.
  14. Yeah, what worries me is if they make AJ neutral, which would result in Super Punk winning. But since she's there, it's true, it's a way for Punk to lose the title without looking "weak", which would be a reason for her to be there. DB winning the title and dumping AJ is the ideal ending, true.
  15. shes going to screw DB and the CM/Cena trash will begin. She will feud with DB after and he will end up having a squash match at Slam. Garbage, and a huge waste of great matches, thats what she brings to my table. Well, except when Hoss posts above me, then i like seeing AJ, but only then.
  16. Definitely think she is costing bryan the match
  17. Yeah. I'm starting to doubt my mark hopes, your idea seems more realistic. :downer:
  18. AJ can't feud with Bryan dawg. There's no other male AJ's associated with to really feud with Bryan, since men can't hit girls in WWE now we can safely say it's unrealistic at least.
  19. Take it no-one thinks my idea has a shot then? :haha:

    Honestly though, I also have a funny feeling she'll screw DB over which is the last thing I want to be honest, it'd be nice to see DB win and start a feud with someone else?
  20. ....Or is there?? :hmm: ............. Can you say :cole: ? :emoji_wink:


    You know I had to throw a wrench in that. :emoji_wink:
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