How do you think ryback is gonna be eliminated ?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roi, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Well in the case that ryback is eliminated , how would it be ?
    I thought about him getting eliminated by the shield , ziggler come first (he sais he wanna win the royal rumble , starting from the first place ... Wait hbk...) then there are a few jobbers that come out , like primo , epico, tensai,Ryder ..... Ziggler eliminates a few of them and sit on a corner.. Then ryback come out (around number 10) and cleans the ring , eliminating 5-6 wrestlers in a few seconds ... He doesn't realise that ziggler is there .. Then there's like 1.15 minutes left for the next one and the shield's music hits , the three of them comes running and eliminates ryback before the next one comes .. Then the shield runs away and ryback chases them till the backstage . Thoughts?
  2. The Shield will throw him out or at least distract him, which would lead into him being thrown out.
  3. The Shield do a run-in, Ryback outfights them and tosses them all over the top rope (even though they're not in the Rumble officially, just like Taka and Funaki being tossed over the top in 2000) and then someone else seizes the chance and comes up behind Ryback and dumps him over. Maybe Ziggler.
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