How do you want SD to look?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. We had a thread like this a month ago but I want to see some updates.

    How would you dress the card? I'll post mine as an example.

    - Drew (heel) feuding with Brodus Clay. No squash matches.

    - Big Show (heel) feuding with Santino. Santino wins clean to further his underdog gimmick.

    - Alex Riley (face) feuding with Cody Rhodes for IC title, eventually going over him but turning heel the episode after winning.
    -Sheamus and Mark Henry drop down to IC level to feud with Riley in a triple-threat. Sheamus and Henry hate each-other and Riley is booked similar to Roode on TNA, where he wins luckily each time.

    -Rhodes moves to the main event after Barrett gets drafted to RAW to ME there.

    - Bryan feuds with Orton and Rhodes for WHC.
  2. I'm glad you aren't running SD
  3. How would you do it Ziggles?
  4. Lmao was off the top of my head and took about 3 minutes but I'd still prefer that to any current SD show.

    Rhodes gets ME spot.
    Drew is used.
    Show isn't near anyone to harm them.
    Bryan stays in ME.
    Orton has to stay in ME.
    Barrett gets used on RAW, too talented for SD.
    Riley gets used.
    IC Title is relevant.
  5. Without having guys switch brands and just going off of the current SD Roster:

    Main Event: Sheamus is going to take the belt off of DB @ Mania, and quite frankly I'm okay with this. He is clearly being built as a next top face by WWE, and IMO he has all of the tools to do it. Unique look, good size, great move set for a guy his size, and good mic skills fella.

    Main Event/Upper Mid Carders in order of importance: Orton,Wade Barrett (top heel, eventual WHC after a nice reign by Sheamus), Christian (face), Mark Henry, Rhodes, & Daniel Bryan.

    Mid Card: Big Show (used to elevate talent), Sin Cara (IC Champ after feud with Rhodes following his return), Mcintyre, Hunico, Justin Garbiel, Santino, Tyson Kidd, Trent Barretta, Heath Slater, Dibiase... put a re-emphasis on putting on good wrestling matches in the mid card, something we had come to expect out of Smackdown. Make the IC belt a fighting man's belt, it should be defended most every week and have storyline's surrounding it.

    Cut: Great Khali

    Also make the tag team titles more or less exclusive to SD without saying as much. Epico/Primo are a good team, utilize the Usos, tag Hunico and Camacho, and bring in new teams/form new teams out of the list of available mid carders. Similar to the IC belt, there is no reason why tag teams aren't put into storylines and feuds as opposed to being used as random filler, which does nothing but show your audience that you don't care about the tag division.

    As far as specific feuds, it's pretty clear Big Show is about to feud with Rhodes, and unless WWE is completely brain dead (can't rule it out) he will be putting Cody over, which should help elevate him towards the ME. Rhodes would be a perfect guy to feud with Sheamus post-Mania (continuing his quest to become a duel champion), with Sheamus retaining the belt after 1 or 2 PPV matches. This gives time for Sin Cara to recover and then step in and take the IC belt from Cody who moves on as a full time main eventer, possibly feuding with a guy like Christian after dropping the IC belt.

    Mcintyre is a guy I like, but his credibility is in the dirt right now, so a feud with Big Show where he cheats his way to a couple of wins could help give him credibility in the fans eyes, and he could be built towards an IC title feud with Sin Cara.

    Bryan will start to be rebuilt not as a pussy, but as a legit tough guy badass heel. He has a back and forth feud with Henry, before eventually going over him cleanly and making him tap out. (heel/heel, I really don't care. Henry will be portrayed as a badass that takes on all comers, heel or face). After eventually going over Henry I'd love to see a proper Bryan/Orton feud.

    Wade Barrett, who I've designated as a future WHC can entertain us all with a feud against Christian while Sheamus enjoys his reign as champion before Barrett comes in and takes his cookies.

    Just some random ideas on feuds, but that's how I'd like to see the card structure. Oh and Johnny Ace would obviously wind up winning his power struggle with Long and becoming the SD GM

    Oh and most importantly no more bull shit 10 minute Raw recaps wasting fucking time every week.

  6. I, and the rest of the world, are glad that you arent running smackdown. This is exactly why wwe doesnt want to listen to the fans, because of ridiculous suggestions like this.
  7. Book it then JeebaK.... C'mon lets hear to your ideas.
  8. God help me if JeebaK runs things.

    Dolph your booking is basically SmackDown now with Big Show dropping and Khali getting fired. Was speaking mainly about how you'd use the current "top stars". Not really bringing people up necessarily like you have, else I would of put a lot more detail into it.

    Christian vs Barrett? What? I'm assuming you'd turn Christian back to being a babyface -.-
  9. I would have
    Drew VS. Random superstar and loses Teddy comes and fires him
    He wil return as a main eventer

    Beth Phoenix VS. Kharma or Layla or Tamina
    Beth loses
    Wich would result into a Diva's championship match at the next PPV

    Goldust returning in ring Vs Cody Rhodes
    Cody loses
    Wich would result into an Intercontinental Championship match at the next PPV

    (prediction) Sheamus won the WHC at Wrestlemania and Christian attacked him and Christian turned into a good heel not a pussy
    so it would be Christian VS Sheamus
    Christian winning and WHC title match at the next PPV
  10. Actually really like this. Really want to see Cody vs Goldust at WM. Christian needs to be a good heel too, the one more match gimmick was decent at first but now it's old.

    Where would you put Bryan though?

    Welcome to the site btw :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Of course Christian comes back as a face, that's why next to his name in parenthesis it says 'face'. But if I were running things I don't cut the balls off of my baby faces
  12. A badass sort of face would be decent, he'd play it well. But the generic face role of Christian is boring, he has so much more to give as a heel. Similar to his previous heel run years ago.
  13. Every face on the roster is boring to some extent the way WWE books them generally speaking

    Even IWC God CM Punk has been pretty mediocre to at times unbearably cheesy as a face
  14. Completely agreed there, but even an edgy non-restricted face I'd still prefer christian as a heel. Suppose it's down to what you prefer however.
  15. I dont really know where i would put Bryan
    Maybe a feud with Tyson Kidd bringing up Shawn VS Bret
  16. I'd love that way too much, never thought of it like that. Tyson is face now and is a great seller, so he could pull off the underdog pretty well.
  17. I like Tyson as a face. and his wrestling is awesome.
  18. Smackdown 'did' look cool.... when they had a giant fist hanging by the titantron

    Those days are gone.... how about a wrist being 'Benoit'd'

    i want a wrist slit open... with a blade directly above it. This way, there will be mystery and intrigue without the 'UnderCorpse' dragging his carcass inside

    Don't be a Bully, be Benoit'd
  19. Lol WHAT?
  20. I'm not sure on Tyson vs Bryan tbh, the matches would be good but going from World Champion to that would be a big drop.
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