How do you want the pre-show to go?

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  1. Okay so we have a pre-show to OTL were Ryder faces of against Kane. Kane spent most of 2012 bullying and manhandling Ryder, killing of most of the momentum Ryder had (Yet the guy is still insanely over compared to most midcarders, still getting a decent reaction from the crowds.)

    At ER Ryder got some revenge, attacking Kane during his match with Orton giving Orton a chance for a comeback.
    How would you have the Pre-show match play out?

    Personally I'd go like this: Ryder and Kane makes the most of their time. The match ends with Ryder winning and Eve coming out to announce that Kane gets his rematch later that same night on the main card. This to fill out the very empty match card for the pay per view. The rematch also ends with Ryder winning, reigniting Ryders momentum and giving him a feud with Kane that can go for a while and result in a mid card push that' "sanctioned" by uncreative.

    This is needed in a WWE were guys like Ryback, Tensai and Brodus continuously win via squash matches. We need to be reminded that the underdog can actually succeed. And who's better for that then WWE's own rags to riches story?
  2. It's a pre-show. If Ryder had any "chance" of winning, they would have added that match to the pre-show.
  3. I thought U said Ryback. Then I notice it Ryder
  4. Kane will just bury Ryder again. Being on the pre-show proves that, it's just a random match they put together for some reason. I believe there will be no surprises.
  5. Ryder needs to win, would be cool, but it ain't happening. Too bad. :sad:
  6. You want a match that will be very bad and boring to happen again later? No. I like the Ryder winning part though. Kane I think needs to retire in my opinion.

    I'd have Ryder come out, flaunt his Internet title, fight Kane, lose due to Ziggler fucking him up. Why? It's confirmed (apparently) that Ziggler and Ryder are going one on one at WM for the internet title. Slowly build the tension now.
  7. Kane should retire, I agree. Ryder should walk in with the Internet Title since it's the Youtube pre-show, it would be cool.
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  8. Kane went over Big Show and CM Punk this week. No way Ryder is beating him lol
  9. I thought that shit was a joke? Fuck that.
  10. If that happens I'm driving across the entire country to Connecticut and killing everyone in the building at WWE headquarters. Every. Last. Fucking. One. Of. Them.
  11. Please do. I'll be happy to help if you need. Absolute goons.
  12. I think it's serious :S. I said the same, Ziggler deserves more.
  13. Ryder is ok,but he's over rated though. Kane will win
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