WrestleMania How do you you think the crowd will react...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. ...when Roman wins? We all know he will win, we will get a crowd rebellion? Mixed reaction? People throwing stuff??? I predict mixed reaction but a pretty dead crowd since 2 matches before hand will be Shane vs. Taker and Brock vs. Dean. We all know the title match will be the last match, but it's gonna be a predictable LOLWWE moment with the crowd reaction.
  2. No, I totally expect a smark Wrestlemania crowd to cheer Roman and accept him as their hero after nearly two years of almost every other crowd showering him with boos or lukewarm reactions. :harvey:Of course he's gonna get booed.
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  3. 75% boos for sure. Sucks too cause the match will be good.
  4. What if they have him lose though? I can see it going either way just because they want Roman over so badly. Unless something happens between now and WM I can see HHH winning just as much as Roman. They have to know not enough people care about him yet.
  5. I think it will be very similar to Wrestlemania 22 with Triple H vs John Cena. Except the crowd will be a little less hostile because its not in Chicago.
  6. They'll boo the hell out of the guy and turn him heel, obviously.
  7. Hmm I see the future now, Reigns gets booed so badly that the ending changes so Triple H retains, everyone goes bezerk and Vince McMahon is sitting in his hotel room that night trying to deal with how he failed again.
  8. Really doubt they'd abandon months of booking to make Triple H the babyface champion to the smarks. If he beat Reigns because of the reactions it would be idiotic. They booked themselves into a corner, anyone else beating Triple H at any other event wouldn't have the same payoff. Whatever the payoff they want they probably won't get, but Triple H is nothing more than a transitional champion for Roman.
  9. No, dude. Trips loses to Reigns at Mania. And from there, heel Roman Empire will be ready to go on a reign until SummerSlam.
  10. I never answered this properly.. I think that Roman will either get boo'd or have minor to little crowd reaction at all. He may have "Random Beer Bottle The Sequel" thrown at him.
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