How does Bryan's current popularity rank in the all time list?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Sep 18, 2013.

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  1. I mean strictly in the present. Let's say Bryan's popularity now lasts until the end of his career. How will it rank? He's had so many episodes of RAW and SmackDown now be the Bryan show, where the whole arena is on their feet shouting "YES!". There were moments where his chant went mainstream at basketball games and such. How does his current popularity rank with the likes of Rock, Austin, etc.?
  2. I want to say a step below them, because that's in the same area as Hulk Hogan. I think it's possible that he could reach such popularity, but it is uncertain for me to give an exact answer. If his chants were to get mainstream a few more times, I'm sure that he would eventually gain that popularity. If it's just him ending Raw though, like with everyone carrying him a few more times, his chants and him winning, I would have to place him below Austin and Rock, but at the same time there's still a chance his popularity could catch with them. I am torn 50/50 for this answer as a overall.
  3. Yeah, he's not on Austin or Rock level. But he's in that tier right under them with guys like Foley. And there's no shame in that. Foley is good as they said.
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  4. He's madly over sure but so was Rikishi for a while. He's not breaking into that elite level not that there is anything wrong with that.
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  5. That actually never happened. It was rumored it happened (Pwi insider :smug: )at the miami heat game after mania, but it never did.

    Anyways, it would be top 10 if he remained THIS over. I don't know if it will continue or not. I enjoy him, not sure if he has the lasting appeal to others though.
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    He doesn't even come close to the likes of Rock, Austin, Hogan, etc. But to be fair, him getting this loud of pops from this current era of shitty-ass-lifeless fans (for the most part, though they seem to be a little lively as of late but still..) is quite an accomplishment.
  7. He's nowhere near Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin or The Rock. They're the elite of the elite, and Bryan won't come near that in the grand scheme of things. Popularity is measured in more than just crowd reactions - it's also quantified in ratings, PPV buys, merchandise, etc. I've even noticed the last few Raws where his chants are good but not exactly the mega reactions we were hearing around Summerslam and before. I agree with him being more like Mick Foley than anybody. Like Foley, he looks scraggly and unconventional but remains over with the crowd anyway. Hell, Vince even made the comparison with Foley on-screen during the build to Summerslam.

    In the long run (and I've made the comparison before), he'll be a second tier level superstar like a Randy Savage or Shawn Michaels or even Eddie Guerrero, not a Hogan/Austin/Rock/Cena.
  8. If he were to stay as over as he is now for the rest of his career (which I believe was the premise of the question), he would be among the elite. The problem is that it's not likely that he stays this over. A lot of guys get great reactions from audiences for a short time (someone above me brought up Rikishi, I'll mention CM Punk's run after his "Pipebomb Promo" when he had arenas on their feet), but, as time went by, those reactions, even for main event guys, fizzled.

    As much as I hate to say it, it's unlikely that Bryan gets to that top tier of all-time guys (Rock, Austin, Hogan, Cena...I'm not even really sure Cena deserves to be on that list yet), just as it's unlikely that Punk or Ziggler ever get to that level. But, I can see him being at the all-time popularity level of a Foley, HBK, or Jericho, which is a pretty damned good level to reach.

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  9. If every Show from now til the end of his career was a "YES! YES! YES!" show, he would probably be the most popular of all time.. I doubt that will happen..
  10. I don't believe Daniel Bryan, at his current level, could go down in history as being up there in popularity with Austin or The Rock. Bryan is hugely popular right now, of course, but he's not a "household name". People who've never seen a wrestling match in their life still will generally know Hulk Hogan, The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold... those are legendary wrestlers as far as popularity goes.

    I would imagine Bryan would be more comparable to Shawn Michaels as far as his impact on the wrestling world goes. Well respected, hugely popular, responsible for some big changes in the WWE, but not really known outside of wrestling fandom.
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  11. He can be more popular than Austin, Rock,... But he isn't nowadays
  12. He's definitely not up there with Rock or Austin yet. Popularity is more than just crowd reaction, it's merchandise sales to. That actually means more than crowd reaction from a WWE standpoint.
    I hope Daniel Bryan's popularity sustains, he's the most over currently, and perhaps for a long time to come.
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  13. Id say right below Foley, unless he somehow continues this into SS next year. Foley is God signs were everywhere from what i remember watching, his match with Taker put Foley with HBK and Jericho for me, but im a fanboy as far as all that goes.

    Id go hogan by himself, SCSA and Rock, then HHH HBK Jericho Foley Edge and a few others, and DB could be there, he has quite a bit of time to get there.
  14. I would say he might make it to the same sort of status as guerrero i dont think he will be even close to rock or austin or hogan.
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