How does everyone feel about AJ/Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, May 27, 2012.

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  1. CM [email protected]

    @WWEAJLee hey guuuurl.

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    @CMPunk Ohhh snap.

    IMO? Cringeworthy, but could potentially be very entertaining and will add a different dimension to the fued.
  2. The only way I'll approve of this is if CM Punk takes AJ and Bryan flips and beats the living shit out of him taking his title.
  3. When I made my imaginary bookings for this a few months ago that's exactly what I wanted. With Bryan turning sadistic and pushing over AJ.

    By the way, what happened with Kaitlyn/Bryan?
  4. No idea. I just want AJ out of this feud. It needs to be best in the world vs best in the world like Jericho vs Punk should have been.
  5. Personally I prefer when they have interesting storylines, as well as the quality matches. We've seen the two of them put on 4 quality matches this year with absolutely no story so, IMO, it's time to have something besides the fact it's ROH vs ROH sort of thing.
  6. I don't know how they'll work it out, but it's not that bad from my point of view. If they were able to do a good story only with Bryan and Punk it would be cool, but AJ getting involved may help it. Maybe.
  7. BITW vs BITW can be so good. The american dragon Bryan vs Punk. Punk could reform back to his original self. They could try and upstage each other when performing in other matches. For example, Bryan faces Ziggler, makes it 4 star match on RAW, Bryan wins by out classing Ziggler (still puts Ziggler over). Punk comes down clapping, walks past Bryan, 5 second stare down. It's time for Punk's match. He faces Kingston, does the same as Bryan. Then you build it into a more serious feud. Bryan coming out after a Punk match, hitting him with an impact finisher (something Bryan desperately needs), then the YES lock. Walks out YES'ing and stands at the top of the ramp with an American Dragon t-shirt (Smarks will mark so hard).

    Punk then does something similar next week. Instead of generic beat downs, it's them showing how good they are with their specialities. With video packages and good commentating it could be fucking epic. With a UFC style promo when they're both in the same dark room with a table and are interviewed. Imagine how good this can be? The potential of this feud is endless, you can go so many angles with it but instead we're stuck with coward heel vs bullshit superman face with random midget girl.
  8. Exactly. It is possible to book a great feud between the two of them, but it won't happen, we'll only get a random coward heel vs superman face as you said, so why not add AJ into the mix since we won't have an awesome feud like you mentioned?
  9. Because even without the feud I suggested and the generic feud - it's still relatively interesting between Punk & Bryan. Why? Because they're both so damn good. Storylines almost become irrelevant when you have two mega-talented superstars in the same ring. I just don't want it to end with an outside interference. The last ending was perfect.
  10. I understand. I also wouldn't want AJ to become a key factor in the feud, maybe it could be a side thing. The feud being mainly about them is important, I agree.
  11. She'd be better than kane though, which looks to be a scenario we might find ourselves in tomorrow. :@
  12. Of course that would be absolutely incredible. But with WWE there's absolutely no chance of that happening and if it were a "BITW vs BITW" fued then it would just be a case of - 4 minute promo between each other where they are both claiming they are BITW, few other interesting parts and that would be it. Then they would have 3 minute long matches on Raw and afterwards there would either be Punk holding the belt up whilst the two of them stare down or Bryan locking in the Yes lock.

    I would personally much rather some AJ involvement with Bryan and Punk having a genuine reason to hate each other as oppose to the generic rivalry above.
  13. The tought of Kane being heavily involved in the feud and their match at NWO... :upset:
  14. I see your point. I tend to get mad about how good things could be than how good they could be for WWE standards. WWE can do amazing things, that's what bugs me. It's not always #wwelogic. :emoji_slight_frown:
  15. WWE could be so good, and could be socially acceptable for people over the age of 11 if Vince maximised it's potential.
  16. That's what drives us mad. WWE has the power to do anything in the wrestling world, they give us crap and expect us to buy it. Lazy asses.
  17. If she would take a real valet role like Steph, Lita and Stacy did, I'd say YES! I absolutely love those stable's.
    Let's bring that stuff back, please.
  18. I will mark out if CM Punk and AJ have a love storyline
  19. A PG love story-line? A kiss on the lips = edgy now bro.
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