How easy is commentating over YouTube videos?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. I'm tempted to purchase an Elgato game capture for a mini Fifa series. The reason being is because I can get to quite a high amount of head-to-head season games without losing, and I've not seen a series like it. I think it'd be quite cool to have a head-to-head Fifa series while commentating over my games where I remain (hopefully) undefeated for a large portion.

    Though I've never gone into video-editing or commentating so I have no idea how to start, and I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle.
  2. You can do other thing, you can capture the match and then commentate it apart
  3. Commentating over Youtube videos is very easy, just play a video and start talking. Honestly though, I don't imagine it'll be anything difficult. From what I managed to research, Elgato Game Capture has something called Live Commentary, which allows you to do exactly what it sounds like. Here is the Link. Just make sure you get one with that feature, and you should be good to go. Though, I wouldn't use your computer's built in microphone unless it's really good, since most of the ones I've experienced are pretty crappy. Granted, my experience is limited. There are other methods, like simply using another program to record your audio at the same time, then just adding that audio to the gameplay footage (you could also mute the gamplay footage in this case as I assume your recorded audio will pick up the gameplay sounds - a suggestion as you may run across a problem with the difference in sound from your recorded voice and your gameplay), which isn't really difficult to do but can have some small problems (as I mentioned in the last parenthesis). Still, it's nothing major, and you probably don't have to go down that route.

    I've personally never dealt with anything like this first hand, so I'm not the most helpful here but I think that link will do you good.
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  4. It easy to comment on youtube.
  5. Easy if you can speak well, and have something to speak about. You need basic video editing skills at least too.
  6. You gotta get it, you're good enough and your accent is easy enough to understand for pretty much anyone.
  7. Speaking over them is fine, it's the editing bit that you'll be stuck on. If you need any help you can always just PM me :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. It's easy, as long as you can speak well and not sound like Randy Orton.
  9. -SE PUNK said that-
  10. Editing is easy man, just cut, split, re-arrange. Just think of it as cutting a piece of paper and putting it back together, or in any order you want. ALl you have to do with the voice over is have good dialogue.
  11. The bit that scares me is the editing. If it's like cutting paper thin I'm worried, because I consider that art, and everyone knows how crap I am at art/graphics.
  12. Crayo doesn't have much of a commentary voice.
    Xanth whispers for some reason.
  13. It's not that hard, I have a few up on my youtube channel. Editing shouldn't be hard if you know what you're trying to show off. Also if you're going to talk, try and set yourself a subject to talk about, otherwise you'll just gabber on.
  14. And you pretend to be American and speak like once every ten minutes. :gtfo:

    Thanks for the replies. Going to buy the Elgato once I'm paid, and then start to play with things then.
  15. I couldn't join the game at the time. :tough:
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