How excited are you for Bray Wyatt?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. And when was the last time you were this excited for a debut? Rate your excitement out of 10.
  2. Clearly not as excited as you Mr. 2 Wyatt threads in one day.

    I'll be the first mark to say 10. Why not? I can't remember a debut that has ever been built up this well. Nobody else even comes to mind.
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  3. I'll give it a 9 for now. Will up it to a 10 once they debut on the main roster.

    Probably not been this excited since Generico and PAC's NXT debuts. God knows how long it has been since I was hyped for a main roster debut. The Shield was so out of the blue, same with Cesaro so there was little to no time to get hyped up.
  4. 8/10
    Hoping WWE doesn't fuck it up.
  5. Definitely at a 10 right now. I haven't been this excited since Jericho's 2011 return vignettes.
  6. It's about how excited you are about their debut. You can't be more excited about their debut after they've debut, lmao.
  7. Very excited. Hoping they don't screw it up, but I'm pretty sure at least for a few months it'll be gold.
  8. I'm looking forward to not having to see the same cut scene 10 times every week.
  9. :pity:

    10, i love the cutscenes and it beats the hell out of 200 replays per RAW. Really just interested mostly to see who they vs right away (3mb?)
  10. 8/10 - It would be higher but I don't see a spot for them yet, they'll get something big but lord knows what.
  11. Indeed, less replays would be good all round! I hope its not 3MB. Has to be the shield, cant have them arrive and start Jobbing against 3MB.
  12. 6/10, I'm patient
  13. I'm glad they're debuting next week because I'm tired of hearing all the hype without seeing them on the main roster. However, I blame this forum more than WWE as most of that hype has been from people on here constantly talking about the Wyatt Family (or just Bray Wyatt) for the last number of months.
  14. The videos of Bray Wyatt have been interesting but what do they mean. The last time they gave a superstar this big of a lead up was with Fandango but then they disappointed everyone with him constantly not debuting until WrestleMania so I'm not a big fan of Bray Wyatt but I was nor of the shield but I would like to see what happens
  15. If you watched NXT, you'd know why.
  16. It was at a 10, but now that they've announced when he's coming it's more like a 4, they kind've spoiled it for me. Not only that, if they were going to show his promos they shouldn't have done it three weeks in a row. They should have shown it the week before, not announced it, and have their arrival be a surprise
  17. Being totally honest here not really excited about these three guys that have been filmed in these woods with the sheep masks its stupid

  18. That's precisely why I don't watch NXT. If someone has a good/great gimmick going on, I want it to be as fresh and as least saturated to me as possible when they debut on the main roster.
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