Summerslam How excited are you for Summerslam?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. Over recent years Summerslam has sucked for me. I always thought the cards were lacklustre and so was the PPV itself. However, I've not been this pumped for Summerslam for so long. The build has been great for most feuds (not interested in the WHC feud at all though), and every big PPV needs that one exciting main event and we have it with Bryan vs Cena. The build for it has been absolutely awesome on RAW.

    We also got another great feud which has had awesome build in CM Punk vs Lesnar. I just can't wait personally. What about you?
  2. Very excited. I'm ready for the crowd to explode for Bryan and just watch the guy prove to VKM how marketable and big he can be.
  3. Cant wait. I started watching the WWE again at SS12 and I couldnt understand how that PPV couldbe one of the big four.
    We have an awesome card.
    Bryan vs Cena That will break the house down
    Punk vs Lesnar (Would have been awesome No DQ) Lesnar will beat down Punk
    Christian vs Rio I can seriously see Ricardo screwing up Del Rio
    Rhodes vs Sandow, hope the briefcase is on the line. Great build, great story. Cant wait
    Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs Big E and AJ Hopefully, Ziggler will shine, and both feuds will be over
    Shield vs Big Show and Mark ? Dont really care

    So basically, for me, I have 3 feuds that I cant wait for the match, then I have AJ and Ziggler that are awesome (imo) and Christian vs Rio, dont know all this hate on the mexican, I mean, stale character yeah, but in ring work? Hes awesome. Expect a nice match. Sandow cashing in? THat would be awesome. And then the Shield vs WHoever that will more likely be the toilet break

    EDIT: Forgot about the wyatt family. Imagine an inferno match... DAMMMMMMN
  4. If you just showed me the potential card on paper following MITB I would have said a 9 or 10. After seeing some of this shaky build I'm at about a 5 or 6.
  5. very! Im interested in at least 4 matches so far can't wait for the ME especially so many 'what ifs' that could happen
  6. Money in the Bank is still my personal summer favorite over summerslam. I think the card is nice this time around with giving everyone the main event we want to see. Pluse Lesnar/Punk is by far one of the most interesting feuds I've seen in a while because those fist fights are so visceral. Aside from that i think the rest of the card kinda lacks. US & IC titles don't even really have feuds. Axel is underwhelming and Ambrose is too attached to the Shield to have a good title feud with anyone.

    On top of that AJ vs Kaitlyn is now runner up for the most repetitive thing I've seen next to Kofi vs Ziggler. Speaking of Ziggler, D'Z said that he's gonna be in a mixed tag with those two and that's terrible. How do you go from having a giant push like the one he got on the Raw after, back to being a midcarder. In my opinion Christian should be swapped with him and they should stop trying to get Del Rio over for the 6th god damn time. Unless they're putting the belt on Christian I couldn't really care at all for that match.

    My only salvation in the mid card is hoping that the Usos and Shield go at it again for another 5-star tag match, this time maybe having the Usos win. They've been deserving of those tag titles for years now.
  7. I'm very excited. The two MEs will be great and I'm looking forward to both, Sandow/Rhodes is great to see on a PPV, not feeling Christian/ADR but I'm thinking Christian may win to transition the belt to Damien so I'll walk into that a bit curious, Ziggler will finally get away from AJ and Big E I suppose, lots of good things. Really not sure on how the undercard will look when it's set on stone but I think I'll enjoy the show.
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