WrestleMania How excited are you for WM?

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  1. Is anyone really into it yet? I just have no interest at the minute it just seems dull and whilst the matches will be a hood standard it looks like it could be very predictable again. Whats everyones thoughts?
  2. I'm not very interested at the moment, but that could change.
  3. I'm with you guys. I'll watch for all those "WM moments" but I'm not as excited as I think I should be for WM. Its kind of a drag.
  4. Much more so than recent years. As far as anticipation I'd say 30 > 28 > 29 > 27
  5. For some reason I did not expect that as an answer you would give D'Z
  6. I've been pretty vocal in my support for a lot of the feuds.
  7. Shows how much I listen to you
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  8. While I think WWE have made many big mistakes in booking WM30 over the last few months, it does seem that the 'new era' of talent will be getting a chance to shine at the event. I will be quite excited by the time Mania weekend comes around.
  9. I agree with this I think the undercard could really shine whilst the marque matches are just standard and whilst they will be good they seem predictable.

    But if ppl like Cesaro, The Shield, Bryan break out even more it has some potential.
  10. I'm decently excited idk, I was kind of hyped for a Uso's Title win WM moment..
    I'll be pretty gosh darn hyped if a triple threat breaks out, title or not between the Shield.
  11. Id say about 7/10 atm the only real letdown for me atm is the wwe title match although the crowd shitting on it will
    be fun to watch
  12. Right now I'd say 5/10. I think people are overhyping things. Either that or I should be more excited. The matches may be better than I thought but I'd have to see it before I could say how good or bad it was
  13. Ok so Raw changed my excitement. I am now super hyped up for Wrestlemania I'd say 9/10 at least
  14. SAME
  15. If I were a child, I would be super-psyched.... but since I'm a grown man I can say without batting an eyelash that I'm only interested in one match
    Lesnar/Taker with Taker winning cannot suspend my belief, not even one bit because there is no way on God's green earth that the Undertaker can beat Brock Lesnar... it just isn't believable
    Maybe its because I've seen Triple H's tired a** wrestle so many times I'm just jaded.... Danielson is an okay dude, he deserves success, but he isn't that f***in special. Geez
    Batista/Orton is lazy booking, no more and no less...Bryan being added only impresses marks

    I look forward to Wyatt/Cena. It's a believable match where both combatants can hold their own and don't need the crowd/writers to enhance the quality of the feud. It's been solid and hasn't lagged with stupid a** drama... its probably worth the whole show, honestly
  16. less so after last night now that DB/HHH is just a bullshit afterthought for DB and Cena made the Wyatt feud so cringeworthy.
  17. I'm pretty excited. The entire card is shaping up to be one of the finest Wrestlemania events in years. We finally get some closure on Daniel Bryan's journey to become the WWE Champion, we get to see Cena possibly putting over a new talent, Taker versus Lesnar, the breakup of The Shield (I'm eager to see the match but I'm just as eager to see how all three men fare after Mania is over) and a battle royal that should be interesting. Over half the card is already set in stone and it's looking promising so far.
  18. This Mania is going to push a lot of future talent. So im very excited. I really enjoyed Mania 28, however.
  19. The over the top rope battle royal definitely bumped up my excitement some. I would still love to see HHH say "Fuck everybody" and come out of WM as champ.
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  20. I can see HHH saying fuck off to everybody giving all the frustration and anger thrown at him recently. Especially after what happened Monday
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