How far can Gunner go?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. So on Impact they did a very good job making as big of a star as they could out of Gunner, and Gunner seemed to take the ball and run with it. But with many of us considering him little more than an afterthought before last night, are you buying him as a main-eventer now? And does Gunner have the potential to be an occasional top-guy on Impact?


  2. I'm a big fan personally. I've said all during his mini-feud with Storm that he feels like a main eventer. He is legit
  3. I think he's a beast looking motherfucker. I just don't like how he wears shirts that are 10x too big for him.
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  4. I like Gunner a lot, I really think he looked good Thursday, I think he can go pretty far he's got a very beastly build.
  5. You were definitely vindicated... hey monkey, where's your review? :letroll:
  6. Haven't watched the show yet. Usually don't get around to it until Sunday
  7. I think with the right build, he can go all the way. They are doing a really effective job with him recently and putting him over strong, there's no question about that.

    Gunner is a good talent to have around, and I'm a fan of him since he showed up in TNA. Hopefully they don't ruin him.
  8. Kind of an odd question to ask you of all people about, but be honest: Do you really think TNA will keep this push going effectively?
  9. Honestly with just starting watching TNA I presumed he was one of the top guys already.
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  10. That hype video for him for the ME last week made him look proper bad ass and was what had me thinking he was one of the top guys. It was really well done and had me routing for him to complete his journey to the top.
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  11. I think he can become a champion for a short time, to be honest.
  12. Dude is awesome. I think he will be the Wolves partner against Roode, Storm and... EC3? Someone else.
  13. Lockdown will tell, I believe. We'll see if TNA will embrace face Gunner to push or a heel Storm. Lets face it - they both need pushes, but I think there's only one place opened now.
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  14. Really asked that in a comparison to WWE, where Cesaro really got put over in the fans' eyes with his close loss to Cena, but I'm 100% convinced nothing will come of this... In TNA, when people have been pushed it usually turns out pretty well, doesn't it? Great to have confidence in a company. Still, on one hand there's Storm and Anderson (who are both the most relevant that they've been in a long time) who they messed up the push with, while Roode, Aries, even Magnus have had fantastic pushes.

    If they have to pick between the two then so be it, that's understandable. I'm really not sure who, though. After last night it seems like Gunner is the much better talent + they need another top babyface, but passing on a James Storm push yet again seems really damaging and unwise.

    Just a sidenote: After Gail pinned Madison with a belt shot, when Magnus hit Gunner with the belt and Gunner kicked out in 2.9 it was SO impactful. Awesome storytelling there.
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