How Far Has WWE Dropped?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. I am thinking back to last year, between Payback-Summerslam WWE was at an all time high compared to earlier years, weekly shows were great, PPVs were high quality and there was a lot of hope for the product and listening to the Summerslam theme saddens me to see this hope has just died and the product has died completely. The general feeling on the forum around that time was excitement. Payback, MITB and Summerslam had great live discussions and everyone was pumped and were even excited for the pre show. it was MITB iirc where people were talking well before the pre show which is a rare thing to see. I honestly cant be the only person feeling this way. Payback, MITB and Summerslam are some of my favourite times on this forum just because of the overall product and excitement around here and its sadly missed. Look at how the product has dropped in short: Summerslam Main Event: Bryan Vs Cena. Mania Main Event: Orton Vs Batista.
  2. not much. everything is cool besides Ortista
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  3. It defiantly has not dropped as much as people think it would have, Which isn't surprising as WWE is truly great with keeping their fans eyes glued. They could do another screw job to someone i liked and I would still watch it just for the sheer fact that it is an addiction to watch, It's not something you normally see on TV often, there's always a new episode and there's always at least one person who is having a dramatic time in the company. So regardless of who has left or who's been let go I doubt WWE's ratings will go down any further then they should.
  4. Payback to SummerSlam was beast. I loved that time. Everything since has been shitty/boring/dumb.
  5. EVERYTHING since?

    lol you sound like such a butt hurt mark with statements like this bro.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Don't think it dropped to much. Post Wrestlemania season will be DB's time, hell even at Wrestlemania he's fighting HHH, whether everybody wants to admit it or not is still a big deal. Batista/Orton looks like the only meh match on the card(okay shitty not meh). Everything else looks fine or good.
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  8. I fucking love Batista personally. Not for anything he does, but I am endlessly entertained when the crowd buries him. He and Orton might be the highlight of my Mania night, unless HHH squashes Bryan like a goddamn champ.
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  9. The middle finger yes chants were pretty entertaining :hmm: but from a mark point of view, this PPV doesn't even look bad lol.
  10. From a smark POV it looks good. Cena/Wyatt feud and match are fucking dank. Taker/Bork? Fuck man, complainers can legit fuck off. And I am supposed to be the #1 WWE hater around here.
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  12. Everything still sucks.
  13. Thank god someone else feels the same way about Orton/'Tista.

    The rest of the 'Mania card is looking pretty good, and I'd much rather see an awful match between Orton and 'Tista shit on by hilarious chants than last year's Rock/Cena which, was not only a waste of the Rock, but was also popped for by the WM crowd.

    Most of the complaints recently seem to be from some of the Bryan marks who are upset at him not main eventing WM. Does it really matter? He's got a tonne of screen time and his been in all the main stories since Summerslam pretty much - this time last year we would have given anything for him to be in this position.

    WWE has had its best year or so since I restarted watching in '11 IMO, and this RTWM is probably gonna be the best for a while. This is coming from a guy who is a mark for Punk, Ziggler and The Rock - all of whom were in fairly big roles this time last year and are now missing. Decent stories, feuds and matches most weeks on Raw have kept me entertained and/or interested for the majority of the past 9-10 months.
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  14. I'm not saying the product is shit right now. But Payback-Summerslam was just a sudden and quick burst of greatness.
  15. lmao this card >>>>>> last years.
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  16. I aint talkin about Mania 29.
  17. this card >> SS or Payback
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  18. Still need to see the finished product. People were shitting on the Payback card.
  19. Shield break up match
    Cena vs Wyatt
    DB vs HHH
    Bork Taker

    I just fail to see how anyone can be bitching bout this
  20. DB Vs HHH can be hit or miss basing off of HHH's recent matches but then again he's facing Bryan. Still would prefer Bryan in the world title match but whatever, big match none the less. Bork Vs Taker will be fuckin awesome, build up has me worried but its not anything massive. Cena Vs Wyatt will be a beast match and beast build.
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