How far will Brodus go?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Some say he'll be a Santino figure in a few months, or a Mark Henry before his heel turn. Some say he's the next Rikishi destined to main event with this gimmick.

    What do you think?
  2. I can't see him maineventing with this gimmick. However I can see him getting over huge as a midcard talent with the occasionally main event then him having his big heel turn and main eventing. Kinda like they planned with Rikishi.
  3. I can see him being just above the midcard.
    Maybe "co"-maineventing in a ppv too.
  4. Who can he actually face now apart from jobbers?
  5. Swagger ??!!?
    Big Show ??!!?
    Jericho ??!!?
  6. Show would be face vs face though. All I can think of is someone like Cody with the super show format.
  7. Swagger yes. Big Show no, he doesn't let anyone go over him cleanly. Jericho no, he's doing bigger things.

    He can't really beat Cody, Cody needs to keep winning to establish himself as a future main eventer.
  8. Cody is probably gonna move up to ME some time in the summer so have it lead up to codys last feud when he loses the belt to free him up. I'm not sure what brodus would do in the meantime however.
  9. I agree putting some form of mid-card title on Brodus. But yeah, Cody won't be there until after Mania'. I guess we'll see him in random matches with Curt, Tyler, Yoshi, Ted etc from Superstars squashing until he gets in a feud. Forgot who he faced on SmackDown this week... damn.
  10. He would destroy Jericho..
  11. How dare you.
  12. He will be a santino...unless creative change it very quickly, I'm strictly going with that opinion haha
  13. Santino never wins. Brodus beat Hawkins in less than a minute lol.
  14. He beat Umaga in his debut. Now I love Hawkins but Santino's was more impressive.
  15. Lmao did he? I never even saw that.

    Santino now though... loses to everyone.
  16. Yeah came out of the crowd and beat him for the IC title :rofl:

    It had interference but was still pretty impressive.
  17. Actually, he beat Kurt Angle on his very first match.
  18. Kurt was in TNA when Santino made his wwe debut...
  19. Wow, Santino looked strong! Pfft :emoji_wink:
  20. I'd rather win the IC title from an absolute monster in my debut then squash someone who hasn't been on TV since being Edge's clone clean or not. :weight_lift: