How far will guys like Generico and Neville get when called up to main roster?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Centipede Hz, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Both are extremely talented wrestlers but they are not the biggest, will they be used to help reinvent the tag division or IC/US champs or possibaly and hopefully a Cruiserweight division?
  2. I'd be surprised if Neville isn't at least a one time tag champ and US champion at least. Both these guys have the in ring chops to make it and get over on it alone (Neville especially). But apparently both these guys are surprising the promo teachers down at NXT as well if the dirtsheets are to be believed so they might develop characters and verbal skills that could get them over as well. I think both guys will be staples of the mid card for years if all goes well. They can wrestle, apparently talk despite it being their major flaws on the indys and send out generally likeable vibes. The only way I don't see them working well in the mid card is a freak injury or getting in a fight backstage.
  3. Not very in the current WWE. There is no mid card, there is no tag-team division, and a cruiserweight division doesn't exist.
  4. Generico will be an underdog smackdown World Champion in 3 years,calling it .
  5. What Crayo said, don't have any optimism atm. Just see Generico as yet another comedy character and Neville as the next Kofi.

    The best you can hope for is for Generico to be the next Daniel Bryan and break out despite WWE.
  6. Pointless to even speculate, but if I had to I would say not very far. IMO it seems like a good idea to HHH when they sign these guys, but as far as actually utilizing them? WWE is very poor at it. Rey Mysterio is the exception, not the rule. These types of guys don't tend to do much in WWE except anger the IWC when they are inevitably misused.
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  8. Suppose they could be midcard stables, they have the talent to get to that level for sure.
  9. I think they'll just fight in the midcard...
  10. I think we cannot speculate right now. It does all depend on HHH.
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