how far would you go to bring the attitude era back to wwe

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  1. would you actually cross the lines to bring back the 2004 era thae attitude era back to wwe ??
  2. I would cross a crocodile infested river if it could bring back the attitude era. Beat that :dawg:

  3. Depends on what you mean by "Attitude Era." I think when most people say they wished the AE would come back, they simply mean they want wrestling to be as exciting again as it was then, not necessarily bring back Shock TV. A lot of the AE is garbage that really doesn't hold up too well today, when you look back on it. Overall, I wouldn't wish for it to come back in that way. And being TV-14 doesn't guarantee the show will get any better. So yeah, I'd love to see wrestling get as exciting again as it was back then, but not necessarily bring back the AE.

    And the AE was long dead by 2004. People have different views on it, but I'd say it died in 2001, with either the start of the Invasion angle or Austin's heel turn/death of WCW.
  4. i would give anything to bring back AE again!!!!!

    however, i kinda agree with what Kevin stated.. 2001 was the last of the AE!!!!! even though it lasted til 2004.
  5. I wouldn't bring it back it is dead and buried and should remain so. Like Kevin stated is true. Wrestling needs to be exciting and interesting to draw huge crowds and viewers. But the AE with it's shock TV would not equal quality. More likely then not it would mean a even worse product since they would just rely on shock value.

    The Bryan v Sheamus match, Punk Jericho match and Cena Lesnar match from ER and the Punk v Bryan match from last nights OTL proves that you can still have exciting high quality product under the PG banner. There is a lot that can be done under the PG banner. WWe just needs to get the balls to do it.

    Any attempt at bringing back that exact AE would most likely result in failure anyway.
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  6. Nope. We don't need the attitude era to have a successful entertaining product. I do wish they were a lot more edgier and gave everyone original gimmicks though.
  7. Personally, I feel WWE should let their guys show their true personalities more. We are all complex people with emotions, both hurtful and happy. If wrestlers are given a wee bit more freedoms, it might surprise Vince how well the audience might catch on
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  8. It's not necessary to bring back the Attitude Era. If Creative starts doing good storylines and creating good characters for wrestlers, even if they're still PG, the product will be entertaining.
  9. Yeah, it is not nessesary. But regardless, AE was and probably always will be the greatest era in the history of Pro Wrestling. :true:
  10. How far would I go? I would travel to the USA and persuade them to hire Heyman.

    That way we'd get somethingtwice as good as the AE.
  11. You don't need to go to USA to find Paul Heyman. :dawg:

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