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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. ...if Lesnar not only retained, but ended up dominating Reigns in a similar fashion to how badly Cena got dominated at last year's Summerslam?

    I mean, I know there's rumors that Brock might retain at Wrestlemania now (and I'll believe that one when I see it), and in no way do I think it would be a good idea to have him rag-doll Reigns around like this even if they were already backpedaling on Reigns' push (I don't think it was a good idea to have Brock rag-doll Cena around the way he did either, but that's another topic), but it would still be surreal seeing Reigns get his ass whooped that bad. Now Heyman could brag about how Lesnar has the most dominating performances for both a Summerslam AND Wrestlemania main event to his name. (Although because it's Wrestlemania and all, it will probably be best if Reigns was allowed to get in a little more offense than Cena did, something closer to how Cena fared at Night Of Champions but with Reigns still losing.) Maybe Reigns could then start some sort of path of redemption where he realizes that as hungry as he was, he wasn't quite ready just yet to take on someone like Brock and now he has to begin his path to the world championship all over again. Also, fans might actually respect Reigns more in a way if he took the fight to Brock and went down swinging like a man since it would humanize him a bit more.

    Total hypothetical scenario that has about a 1% chance of happening, but it's an interesting and funny to think about nonetheless.
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  2. Nice thought.

    Now I know what you mean by that but he had a pretty dominating performance against Taker at last year's WM already. Just saying. Not the "most dominating" one at a WM though maybe? I thought it kind of was. Of course I have missed quite a few years during my WWE dark period so I could've missed a better one from then.
  3. Talk about an outlandish WM finish... But they're not gonna kill Reigns just like that. You said it yourself, it's got like 1% chance of happening.
  4. That's why I specifically typed 'main event', lol.
  5. It would literally be hilarious if your scenario materialized.
    I can't imagine the look on Reigns face when HHH/Vince inform him he would not only lose, but in extremely poetic fashion.
    From that point, it would either light a bigger fire in his belly or he might pout and take it personally.

    Since HHH and Vince don't seem to agree on much these days, why should I even bother with this sh*thead company?
    If they even considered this, it shows just how wishy-washy they are at the top where it really matters.
    In the past, whenever there were problems you could go to Vince and be assured where things stood. Today, things are in flux and this situation epitomizes my very opinion of how weak WWE is at the very top.

    The mere fact this could even be discussed or even debated is really f*cked up.
    They may as well have concluded that Daniel Bryan was the better choice for the match. I'm no mark of his, but at least you understand what you have with him as opposed to the unknown in Roman Reigns.

    Cool thread, really. However, this belies the crux of the issue which is that WWE is scrambling to right a wrong that could have been resolved literally months ago.
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  6. Ohhhh right, sorry. My bad.
  7. I'm not sure I want to see that. Brock is already on a god-tier on wwe, there's no need to bury(using the term quite broadly here) anyone else. My best-case scenario would be Brock beating Reigns in his most hard-fought match since coming back, and if possible, getting cashed in by rollins
  8. sounds about as funny as someone saying dick licker. oh wait, you thought that was hilarious too.

    The dumb thing is this IS how h match will go until Reigns hulks up. that is what sucks about this match we all know exactly how it plays out. A back and forth physical match would be way better than a 90s hogan match
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  9. Agreed, except for the dick licker stuff.

    I feel like making a miracle comeback kind of match is only going to alienate reigns and make the match shitty at the same time. I don't think this is how it's going to play out, though. WWE wouldn't be that deaf on the main event out of all places
  10. That's exactly how the match will go. Vince won't have it any other way.
  11. Vince's going to recover from his growing dementia for wrestlemania . After the match i'm coming back to this thread only to say "I told you so". Gotta work on your optimism, son. :smug:
  12. optimism gets you nowhere with this shit company. Team glass half empty
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  13. Said by the right person at the right moment, yes it can be funny just like any insult can be. Granted, it's not as sophisticated as some of the humor that you see around this place, like calling Sheamus 'Sheamoose' or taking the threads of someone you don't like off-topic with stuff like, "PANCAKES! WHO LIKES PANCAKES!?", but I find amusement in the insult nevertheless.
  14. lol so salty
  15. On another 'How funny would it be' note... How funny would it be if Reigns got cashed in on at Mania, then regaining the title from Rollins at SummerSlam, only to lose it immediately after due to another MITB cash in? Just a thought I had now, the odds of that happening aren't big (it'd be more likely if something like this happened to Bryan), but still...
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  16. That springs something else to mind...

    Since Rollins' briefcase only expires on June 29th (the date of last year's Money In The Bank PPV) whereas this year's MITB PPV is on June 14th, we could, theoretically, end up with two briefcase holders for a short amount of time. Imagine if Rollins cashed in on Reigns at the conclusion of the MITB PPV this year, only for the person who won the other briefcase earlier in the night to then come down and cash in on Rollins himself moments later. What funny karma that would be since Rollins would have waited all this time to seize the moment to become champion, and then it's snatched away from him just like that. Would be even more karmic if Ambrose was the guy to do it, especially since you would be switching the title between all three Shield members (Reigns, Rollins, and then Ambrose) in one night as well as having Ambrose get some sweet revenge on Seth exactly one year to the month after their rivalry first began with Rollins turning on The Shield and screwing Dean out of winning the briefcase before.

    I probably wouldn't want to see that scenario play out personally, but it's a funny possibility to imagine happening.
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  17. Oh, I wouldn't mind that scenario either.

    If that would set up the former Shield feud for WM 32, then heck yes. I'd be down for something like that happening.
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  18. If Vince dies, WWE could do this! But as of now, this seems to logical to happen.
  19. If Vince dies? Don't worry, Vince is gonna outlive us all.
  20. At least when he goes to hell, he can look forward to take a beating from Chris Benoit.
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