How good could Ambrose vs Ryback be?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Just finished watching the TLC match again (yeah I know) and the part that sent chills down my spine was when they had a brief face-to-face moment in the ring here:

    I think someone mentioned it on here (seabs if I'm not wrong) that this feud could be the top feud in a couple years to come. Personally I think it would be epic, but I'm probably a bit bias considering I'm a mark for both these guys, but the chemistry and story just fits imo.

    Fun to discuss it, considering it's inevitably going to happen (touch wood).
  2. It could be pretty good, actually. I love how Ambrose doesn't back down and isn't "scared" of Ryback.
  3. Ambrose vs Ryback somewhere down the road when both their characters are fleshed out would be very good yes. But I also think that any feud between Ryback and someone who refuses to back down from him would be good. That's the big thing that's keeping Ryback feuds from working up until now. People ran when they saw him, even Punk.
  4. I suppose the appeal of the heel not being a coward is cool, but I'm thinking more about the actual chemistry. Ambrose is the psychotic heel, Ryback is the take-no-shit face, the chemistry in the promos and the matches could be absolutely fantastic. I don't think it's a case of "if heels don't back down any feud is good with Ryback" as the chemistry needs to be there.
  5. Yeah i love how he runs straight at him when most run away
  6. True and granted but I also believe that it can work well even without a psychotic heel if taken the right approach. The problem being to find that style of heel that will mesh well with a character like Ryback's without being a psycho and thus has an explanation of being without fear of getting in his face.
    I guess a guy the size of Reigns could play it well to a certain degree but that I also think is the physical factor playing in. It would seem logical for the fans that a guy like Reigns can take Ryback down, since he already has.
    It is a tricky nut to crack.
  7. I didn't say you have to be psychotic lol. The thread is about the chemistry you get with Ambrose & Ryback, Ambrose's gimmick admittedly enhances it but it isn't a necessity. Personally, I think this will be a huge feud in the future - top of the card. Sometimes two stars just click (like Punk and Cena) and you have to do your best to capitalise on that, and I think these two will feud multiple times, though that is naturally pure speculation.
  8. Indeed, it could be a very entertaining feud in a few years, could be the top feud in WWE for sure. Would love to watch it.
  9. The build up might be awesome, but i'm not sure about the actual matches. Ryback isn't that much of a wrestler IMO, but i'm hoping that'll change in the future.
  10. I think any thing Ambrose does can be good, Ryback is still very green right now but he's been putting on good matches with people that can carry him.
  11. They'd be more brawls then matches for sure.
  12. It'd be great.
  13. Meh, it could be good.


    It could be good.
  14. I was telling my wife to watch Ambrose and think of Heath ledgers "joker" character with the facial mannerisms...

    I think I just found Ambrose another fan.

    It was awesome
  15. Dean Ambrose is a pussy. I bet I could beat him up.
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